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Month: April 2017

Of Ancient Things

Another day, another exploration was planned. This time we visited ancient things of nature and man.  Of course the day couldn’t start without  a hearty breakfast of potatoes and eggs […]

Just Around the Bend

Early morning for me, not sure why? Decided to get up and watch the moon set. Seems to be it is becoming a habit, hopefully only a vacation habit. One […]

Feeling Blue

It was all about feeling the blues of the Bahamas today. The first blue was the moon reflecting over the blue ocean while a dolphin swam in the moon’s path. […]

What Tuesday Taught Us

See that dark cloud, well at 5:30 a.m. it reminded us of a very important lesson we forgot, take all the laundry in before bedtime. We didn’t care about the […]

Spirits Called

  The moon glow beckoned me awake at 6 a.m. and I listened to her song. Her pink glow entranced me and I went to watch her in all her […]

Sunday School

Our first full day on Long Island, began with us praising the morning view out. After that  the ritual of coffee and the writing of yesterday’s trip report began. Next […]

Words of Advice Bahamian Style

Our adventure to an out island started in the wee predawn hours in Boston. We boarded JetBlue to land in Nassau a mere three hours later, greeted by warmth and […]