“Another Day Above Ground, It’s a Good Day”

Words we heard while watching Gary, make fresh conch salad at Max’s Conch Bar. Truer words couldn’t have been spoken. Today was a good day, another day of exploring.

We started off the morning having a hearty breakfast of ricotta pancakes and delicious coffee. We needed to have an early breakfast to make it to the farmer’s market at 8 a.m.

We arrived at 8:10 a.m. and the market was buzzing. Most of the greens had already been purchased. We didn’t need any more food as we are leaving tomorrow. We did pick up some woven coasters though.

We walked over to the market so on the return trip we snapped a few photos of things we noticed.

We waited out a rain shower, while planning out our morning. It was decided to visit the oldest church on the island, St. Mary, The Virgin.

Mike had read a cruiser’s report about a shrimp grotto behind the church. Of course we had to go  find it.  And we did find it. What an experience. Mike went in while I waited outside of the cave. The trip report he read reported bats, so I was a little leery. We heard them, but didn’t see them. When we return I will go in!

The path was behind the church, easy to see, just follow the beer bottles in the tree.

After that excitement, it was beach time. We turned down Something Harbor Road in Grays. The road was paved, what a treat!  The ocean was very active today.

After a short walk, we turned back and stopped at this little harbor, full of seaweed.

At this point our legs were finished and we skipped walking any more beaches in favor of lunch. We drove to Max’s Conch Bar and enjoyed a laid back lunch, watching Gary make fresh conch salad.

After a  filling lunch of conch fritters and grouper fingers  we were ready to return home to snorkel.

We spent about an hour snorkeling, then called it finished, headed in, cleaned up and started the dreaded task of packing.  Truly I only cared about my shells getting home in one piece.


Dinner was the “finish everything in the fridge” meal. Something our friends taught us on Staniel Cay.

Tonight’s sunset ends another good day above ground!


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