I Like Chicken…but Chicken Fungi?

I’ve admired this beautiful fungus, but never knew what it was called until I started this blog.  While doing research I learned some people actually cook and eat this fungi (please note I am not responsible if you do this).  However, some sites say it is poisonous depending on the tree it grows on.  I think I’ll just leave it on the tree, thank you very much. Perhaps I will just cluck at it while snapping its profile.

Here are the facts:  actually called “chicken of the woods”. Has a chicken like texture. Orange, yellow when young, turns white as it ages.

Here is old chicken fungus, discovered in Dec. 2009 at Burr Pond

2 thoughts on “I Like Chicken…but Chicken Fungi?

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  1. Good to know the proper name of that fungi. I’ve seen it before but didn’t know what it was called. Can’t believe how big it was-like how you used your hand to show the size.
    I’m loving your blog entries…keep posting more!!! You’re a great writer, Ann. Ever consider writing children’s books having to do with nature and using your own photography?? You would be an amazing author..move over David B. and your Ace Lacewing books!

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