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Category: Hiking in Kauai

Day 32 – Daily Delights

I love the spontaneity of our days. We never know what little or big delight will cross our path during the day.  Today we had a few delights and last […]

Day 24 – A Hiking Day

5 a.m. came early today and having to set an alarm seemed a bit alien to us, but we did it.  We were hiking the Awa’awapuhi trail (Mike did this […]

Day 22 – All in All a Good Day

Rainbows to start, a Kalalau hike to follow, late breakfast, a bit of downtime to read and nap, a trip into Hanalei, a delicious dinner and a sunset.  Yup, not […]

Day 12 – Celebrating!

Today we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Where is the best place for us to start the celebration? O the Kalalau Trail, of course. We hit the trail at 6:40 […]

Day 9 – The Package

Today we received shipment of a very special package, our nephew flew in to spend some time with us!  However before his afternoon arrival, we decided to get a hike […]

Day 5 – Observers

Today we watched, we observed.  We tried hard to be the hidden haoles just watching surfers, fisherman, tourists and locals.  We made the plan over french toast sweet bread topped […]

Day 4 – Plan B

What’s that adage, “best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”? Yup that was our motto today.  We made plans but it all changed.  Did we get upset, […]

Day 3 – Finding our Rhythm

We found our rhythm of the pace we wish to proceed at today, slow and accepting, but with a jammin’ jive.   Morning wake up call by the birds occurred […]

Day 28 – A Hike with a View

While sipping our Kauai coffee, we debated what to do on a Sunday.  We opted for a simple hike, The Kuilau Ridge Trail, we extended it a bit and hiked […]

Day 22 – Hanakapi’ai Falls

We hit the trail around 7:15 a.m. from Ke’e Beach.  The parking lot wasn’t as crowded as it has been in the past. It was a nice sunny morning and […]

Day 18 By Land and By Sea

After breakfast we hit Tunnels Beach for a little sun time.  Very quiet on the beach in the morning. After that we made a quick lunch and hit the road.  […]

Day 17 – Hiking in the Clouds

Off we jetted at 5:30 a.m. to met up with Eric, of Hike Kauai With Me, at 7 a.m. to hike the Kahili Ridge Trail. The day started off sunny […]

Day 12

I started with a run and Mike started with a trail run on the Kalalau Trail.  It was showery on and off, a relief on the run and bonus for […]