How we landed here

In 2011, the hubby and I spent a few weeks housesitting on the beautiful island of Kauai. We spent five weeks here the summer of 2010 and two weeks on Oahu.  This year (2013), we’ve decided to base ourselves on the North Shore of Oahu for a bit of time.  We are looking forward to getting to know Oahu better, seeing some dear friends who live there and just enjoying everything we can.

I’ve always kept a written narrative of our travels, but have decided in 2011 to do it electronically.  This blog will be a daily journal of what we did, accomplished, saw, and experienced.

Mahalo for reading,


4 Responses to How we landed here

  1. Biker says:

    I love the blog, takes me back to the islands and just enough description. i have to ask, how can you take off a month? wow, that would be sweet. and good going on the running, you look great.

  2. John Stansberry says:

    I landed on your blog from a post I read on TA. Anyways I enjoy looking at your beautiful photos of the beach, the flowers, and the mountains. I check your blog every morning first thing and it just starts my day off right. My wife and I are taking our 7 year old twins to Oahu in Spetember and can’t be more excited. Thanks again and have a safe and fun time.

    John Stansberry

    • hikergal says:

      Glad you landed on my blog, thanks for reading. I know it is not TA’s usual type of trip report. Have a great time in September with your family. Sadly we go home today. I will miss exploring the island.

  3. John Stansberry says:

    😦 glad you had a safe and fun time!!!

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