Day 31

Saturday means farmers market after breakfast. We had another great haul of goodies from the market.

After that we headed to Gordons Beach. This beach is our second favorite beach, Kauai’s Tunnels beats it by a hair. We walked north again on it, same way as last week. This time we crossed over the cut.As we walked closer to the cut a flamboyance of flamingos flew overhead. We tried to find them and we had to cross some mangroves, which at one point Mike sunk up to his knees (sorry no photo). We didn’t find where they landed.

We started to cross the cut when a lemon shark decided to visit. I had a minor freakout, but crossed the cut. On the sandbar I kept looking for more lemon sharks.

Freaking nervous.

Once we made it across a stingray and another lemon shark entertained us.

We had our lunch under a tree, keeping a watchful eye on any more scary sea creatures, phew none spotted. So we began our journey back across.

We did find these shells before we waded over. All were vacant homes and wedge into rocks.

Our walk back was quiet, as we both just admired the beauty of this beach.

We stopped at Pitbulls and had some Kaliks.

We headed home and on the way back, it rained, glorious rain and the temperature dropped from 91 to 75. Sadly the rain was only in the south. We hoped it would rain in the central part of the island, but nope.

We were so tired by the time we returned, we made sandwiches for dinner and waited for sunset, once again hidden behind clouds.

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