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Category: VJs

Day 24 – His, Mine and Ours

That was the kind of day it was…His morning, my morning and then our afternoon and evening. Mike went for a hike, I stayed home due to a knee injury […]

Day 20 – Time Out

Sometimes in life your body tells you to take a time out from busy.  OK for me, the body tells me on a quarterly schedule.  Today was that day.  We […]

Day 17 – Post Storm?

I woke up at midnight and listened to the wind blow, not howl, just blow a bit stronger than usual.  I waited for the rain, but never heard it.  I […]

Day 16 – Storm Prep

We awoke later than normal, it was a bit darker this a.m.. Mike put on a pot of coffee, new blend from Green World Farms, we paired it with a […]

Day 13- Hiking the Wiliwilinui Trail

Finally a hike day for us.  We decided to do our first ridge trail hike in Oahu, Wiliwilinui Trail.  I write another blog about hiking, so if you want to […]

Day 11 – A Garden of Views

Warning this post is mostly pictures, lots of them and not labeled. We actually made a plan today to visit an arboretum and some botanical gardens. I thought maybe we […]

Day 8 – Treasures

This day was all about finding treasures created from mother nature and man. Due to the full moon, the tide was extremely low.  By 6 a.m. I made a bee […]

Day 6-Taking a Gamble

  What gamble did we take today? Did we hike up there, on that narrow trail in that picture?  No,  we aren’t that crazy kind of gamblers. So what did […]

Day 2 – The Run Around

After being lulled to sleep by the waves last night, oh wait, I was so tired, I just fell sleep, no being lulled at all, we got up around 5:15 […]

Day 1 – We have arrived

Our flight departed early Sunday morning, so we headed up to the airport the night before and stayed over at the airport hotel.  We were hoping to make this trip […]