Day 24 – His, Mine and Ours


That was the kind of day it was…His morning, my morning and then our afternoon and evening.

Mike went for a hike, I stayed home due to a knee injury (nothing serious, hyperextended the knee and strained some muscles).  Mike hiked the Kealia Trail (we did this earlier in our stay) to the Makua Overlook.

Mike sums this hike up with:

1. He prefers trails to walking on forest roads

2.  He would rather do switchbacks than straight uphill dirt roads

3.  Great view overlooking the Makua Valley

4.  He has never been called “Sir” so many times in his life.  He crossed trails with a group of Army guys working out on the trail.  Several men were carrying 35lb Kettlebells.  He thanked them all for serving

5.  The trail provided nourishment, strawberry quava and unripe lilikoi

Enjoy his photos:

at the start he watched parachuters


seems every hike in Hawaii has to have a water tower
unripe lilikoi

P1230912 P1230909 P1230907 P1230899 P1230896 P1230892 P1230890 P1230884 IMG_0682 IMG_0678 IMG_0677 P1230874 P1230872 P1230865 P1230862 P1230859 P1230857 P1230853 P1230851 The hike lasted 3 hours, over 6 miles with an elevation gain of 2100 feet.

kealia makua overlook

While he was off blazing the trail, I was having my kind of morning.  I was sitting around, reading and watching three guys fish off of the reef.  It was low tide so the turtles hadn’t arrived yet.


When Mike arrived home, blistered feet and all, we started our afternoon together.  We ventured out to lunch at Banzai Sushi Bar in Haleiwa.  If we had eaten here earlier in our trip, there would be multiple check in’s on facebook here.  We really enjoyed our lunch.

appetizer of ahi poke in coconut milk with red peppers, onion and cucumbers
I had fish and salad. Fresh caught marlin in tempura batter. Eating salad with chopsticks, a first for me
dessert was tempura fried bananas with fresh coconut ice cream

Back to the house to watch turtles.  I think I’m turning into the crazy turtle lady, forget ever being the crazy cat lady.

P1230948 P1230947 P1230924Dinner was succulent pork ribs, thank you VJs butcher shop with fresh Waialua grown green beans.  Sorry no picture, we ate it to fast.  We enjoyed dessert from our  friend’s goodie bag, limoncello and chocolate chip cookies.

Sunset was definitely our time.  We missed the past two nights of sunset viewing, we were not going to be missing it tonight.  It was a grand day of having our own time and our together time.



2 thoughts on “Day 24 – His, Mine and Ours

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  1. Your blog has been such a delight to read every night or morning! Thank you and your easy-going, awesome outlook on life and travels are so cool. I’m sorry the trip is ending soon and wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated every photo, word and perspective shared. Deb

  2. You are most welcome. I really appreciate your kind words. We didn’t do the big touristy stuff because we had visited those places three years ago, this trip was us trying to live local and be in that moment.

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