Day 23 – Exploration

IMG_0664As I sat today watching the blue ocean roll by I was struck by the thought it is in quiet exploration we find the simple delights  that mean so much.

We made a decision to find another hidden gem of Oahu, Portlock Point in Hawaii Kai.  We knew sunset was the optimal time to visit this spot, but unfortunately that didn’t fit our schedule.  We arrived mid morning to three different spots.

The first spot was Kokee Beach Park in the Hawaii Kai neighborhood.  This would be a perfect spot to search tidepools at low tide.  This is not a spot to go swimming.

IMG_2896 IMG_2898Our second stop was Koko Kai Beach Park.  Mike explored a great deal more than I did.  I was very content to sit and watch the water.  Well that was until two high school kids showed up with attitudes and then I started to explore.

P1230753 P1230757

P1230761 P1230762 P1230768 IMG_2899 P1230764 IMG_0664 IMG_2904 P1230770Our last stop was at the end of Lumaha’i Street (or access 119A).  The access here is rather steep, but what a tremendous place to explore or just sit and watch.   Mike explored, I sat and just admired the sea creatures, which included one monk seal and three turtles.

P1230773 P1230828 P1230823 P1230822 P1230812 IMG_2920 P1230810 IMG_2917 IMG_2911 P1230804 P1230802 P1230791 P1230789 P1230788 P1230785 P1230782 P1230780 P1230778 P1230776 IMG_2907

can you see the monk seal?
can you see the monk seal?

Our next objective was Makapuu Lighthouse Trail.  As we drove up, we realized we were to late in the day for our liking.  We continued on to find a lunch spot and boy did we find the perfect spot,  Sweet Home Cafe Waimanalo. Mike had the bbq chicken wrap and I had the fresh fish taco with slaw (the slaw was made with bok choy).  The food was so fresh and tasty, definitely worth a stop.

IMG_2922At home we turtle watched.  We had three guys cavorting on the rocks, trying to grab a late lunch.  The beach was empty of people and it was enjoyable just to have this time to watch the guys ride the waves.

P1060066 P1060057 P1060054 P1060052Sadly this is the last of today’s pictures.  We had driven out to Haleiwa Pier to watch the sunset, when I remembered we left eggs boiling on the stove.  We raced back home and the water was still in the pan (thank goodness), but we missed a fabulous sunset.  I’m consoling myself with limoncello and a cookie, thank goodness for friends who pack a goodie bag for you!!

It was in the still moments of the day, that allowed me to watch the sea creatures carry out their day.  I am thankful for those moments.





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