Day 22 – A swim, a hike, and a time to be with friends

View from KoKo Head Crater

The morning started out with a run for me, followed by a lazy morning.  We sipped coffee, had coconut pancakes, read and then decided to snorkel.  The waters were a bit cloudy, but that didn’t stop the fish from hanging out.

P1060023 P1060025 P1060030 P1060031Mike snorkeled further out and discovered a sea turtle just hanging out under some coral.

P1060047 P1060044 P1060041After the snorkel, it was the hour to head down to our friend’s house of an afternoon of fun and dinner.  The girls stayed in, C and her daughter taught me the basics of how to play mahjong, a Chinese game.  We then spent some time in the park.  All this while boys were climbing Koko Head Crater.

I asked Mike to dictate the report to me for this part.  This is his report:

We went up a lot of steps and came down a lot of steps.  So there you have it folks, Mike’s hike report.

Koko Head Crater trail
P and son finishing the steps
some people at the top of the bunker
mike posing
Yeah, the boys made it!!
going down can be a little tougher

P1230699 P1230701 P1230702 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 P1230706 P1230708 IMG_0660 P1230729 IMG_0663 P1230739 P1230745 P1230746It took a total of one hour and 35 minutes. 1,015 steps up, elevation gain of 1400 feet.  There was a marker at every 100 steps.

The boys arrived home and took a refreshing dip in the pool.   Paul let Mike take his Z out for a spin.  Mike was a very happy person.


Mike was so excited about this, on the way home he missed the exit ramp for the H1 twice, because he was telling me the story of the drive.

Once the boys made it back, it was dinner time.  We devoured yummy ribs, with coleslaw, beans, bread and dessert was the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet.

After dinner, we sipped homemade limoncello and chatted.  It was a great day spent with friends, who are so comfortable to be with.

yummmmm limoncello

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