Day 29 – Rainy Day on the North Shore

Note: Just go to the end, skip reading and look at the beautiful sunset photos!

We felt the effects of Fernanda today on the North Shore.  We woke to rain, some thunder and lightning. Manoa Falls which we can see from the house was raging down, at one point the water turned brown.  It was a perfect morning to do some book purchasing for my school library. I knew I would have to do some work here and was putting it off. I had no more excuses not to do it with all this rain.

While I worked Mike made me a little bright drink, papaya with red dragon fruit juice on top.


However the falls became a distraction and I only did 3/4 quarters of a book order, oh well.

After the heaviest rains diminished we went out for a bit. First stop was the transfer station to drop off the recycling.  Makes me appreciated my curbside recycling pick up at home.  However as I was putting the can returns in the bin, the workers offered me a freshly picked hand of bananas, right off the trees! Such a small gesture made me so happy and with curbside pick up you don’t get free bananas.

a piece of island life, Mike is laughing because he just sees me walking with a hand of bananas not knowing yet how I got them.

We decided to chance going to Moloaa Bay, thinking we could get parking due to the gray skies.  I needed to go to snap a few photos for a teacher friend, who always sings a “line up” song to her prek class to the tune of Gilligan’s Island theme.  We could get parking with this weather!

After our brief walk, we headed back into Hanalei for lunch at the Dolphin.  Yup, we had our usual of house salad and fish tacos.  Works for us, fills us up and tastes yummy!


Our next stop was a little shop we like in Hanalei.  Glad we decided to stop in because the parking provided us a lovely view of the waterfalls.

After driving past Waipa, we noticed how brown the water was in Hanalei Bay area.  Going slow I was able to take a few pictures.

On our way home we stopped at SushiGirl to pick up dinner for tonight. Mike ordered the special and I choose the “Action” poke bowl.

We really needed a beach walk after sitting around the house and car this morning.  So we dropped the goods off at the house and headed to Cannons to do a small beach walk.  Of course it started to rain, but it didn’t matter to us.

After our brief jaunt, we spent the rest of the late afternoon catching up with the world and having dinner.

Sunset tonight after all this rain was spectacular.  Truly worth all the rain today!

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Day 23 – Drinking in Rainbows

Another rainbow greeted us as we woke up today.  I think we have had three rainbow mornings in a row.  I decided to fill my cup up with rainbow juice instead of coffee this morning!


We were even blessed with a double rainbow!


After filling on up rainbow goodness, we headed to Cannons for an early morning beach stroll.

We followed up the stroll with our morning breakfast of nanns topped with egg, sprouts, ricotta cheese, tomatoes and avocado.


Our game plan for the day was trying to see the Pools of Mokolea, only if the tide was low and the stream crossing was easy, the back up plan was to walk around Kahili Beach (Rock Quarry Beach).  We went with the back up plan today.  What a beautiful beach and one we wished had explored earlier in our trip.  We aren’t sit on the beach all day people, but if we were, this would be that beach.  Great surfer watching spot, not a popular tourist spot, and has enough shade to hide in if the sun gets to be too much.  We ended up spending an hour here, exploring, watching surfers and birds.

Next stop was the Kauai Juice Company. I was still buzzing from the rainbow juice this morning, so I decided I needed more juice, Rainbow Unicorn Juice to be exact.


We then stopped at Hanalei Dolphin for lunch to have our usual fish tacos (ono fish) with a house salad, shared between us.

Immediately following lunch it was time for the Waipa Farmers Market.  Mike’s favorite vendor was there, the lady with the red truck.  She has taken to Mike and always throws things in for him.

We arrived home in time for my nap and some reading time before enjoying dinner and dessert.  Dinner was shrimp marinated in Kauai Juice Company’s Mango Garlic Ghost Sauce and served over taroslaw.  Perfect pairing.


Sunset viewing was obstructed by a lower cloud bank again. However the clouds do provide a lovely backdrop.

Today started with rainbows and ended with a setting sun. It was pure joy to soak in all the colors of the day.

Day 13 – Simple Treasures

taken above the water, the water is that clear!

Today seemed to have the theme of simple treasures.  Mike and I had a leisurely 40 minute stroll on Cannon’s Beach, while the nephew slept in this morning.  It was low tide, which we always enjoy because there are sea creatures to be spotted and admired in the water.

Mike’s greatest treasure he discovered this morning was a sea urchin spine. We marveled at nature’s engineering of it.


The views this morning, as usual, were beautiful and a perfect way to start our morning, being very zen like.

After our beach walk, we headed back to make breakfast burritos and plan the day.  We desperately need some more fruits and greens so off to the Hanalei Farmers market we went.

After this market we decided to go check out the market at Anaina Hou in Kilauea.  This market had less crowds and a good selection of eats.

On our way home we stopped in Hanalei to pick up a few more items at Big Save.  Once home we lunched on leftovers.  Our next outing was Limahuli Gardens in Haena.  This is one of my favorite places on the island, I find it very spiritual and calming.

As we walked the upper terrace of the gardens, a gentleman was gardening.  I started chatting with him, discussing my favorite plant Alula.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe provided me with tidbits of information, about how the plant in ancient times was pollinated(by a night moth now extinct), how they are studying currently how it pollinated and how they are saving this plant.


We moved on to sit and take in the views.


While sitting here he came over and gifted me with a Hawaiian White Hibiscus Flower.  It was that simple gesture, that came from his heart, endeared me even more to this sacred place. Talking story with Tom, the volunteer gardener, made my day. I don’t think he realized how much this simple act of giving meant to me.


After an early afternoon of walking in the sun, we returned to the house. Mike and I started to plan out the next few days, while the nephew enjoyed a few hours in the shade at Tunnels Beach. This isn’t our normal style of travel, to write out and plan each day, our nephew’s time visiting is limited, so having a plan will help us utilize time better for him.


After a dinner of burgers and salad greens,  I explored the yard and took a few new pictures of the orchids in the yard. I was excited to find a new one blooming. I love finding these small treasures throughout the yard.

Sunset viewing tonight was a colored cloud fest. It was another simple treasure that reflected the day, reminding us to enjoy the small gifts nature provides us with.


Day 7 – From Burnt Toast to Burnt Toes

The morning started with burnt toast. It really wasn’t my fault, it was the rainbow’s fault, it distracted me.


We took it as a sign to go for a beach walk, before continuing breakfast.  Hopping in the car, we drove a short way up to Cannons Beach, just past Haena Beach Park.  The hidden flora entrance has been relocated from six years ago, but we found it.  We followed the tunneled path to one of my favorite walking spots.


The views here always take my breath away. Makai sky was filled with gray clouds and the mauka sky was brilliant blues, a contrast in colors.

As usual with a Kauai sky it rapidly changes.

Returning to the house I attempted breakfast making again. This time I was successful, not burning anything.  We enjoyed sautéed swiss chard (from yesterday’s farmer’s market) and fried eggs with a side of unburnt toast smeared in mango jelly.

Breakfast time included making more grocery lists and we headed out to pick up a few more supplies.  We did get stuck sitting in traffic, waiting for one lane bridges to be safe to pass. We didn’t care when the views are beautiful.


We stopped for lunch today at Hanalei Dolphin.  There was room at the bar for us. We split fish tacos and a house salad.  Perfect light lunch to share.


We decided to spend some of our afternoon on the beach.  I debated between wearing flip flops or  my water shoes.  I should have gone with the water shoes.  On our last trip here, after we hiked part of the Kalalau trail, we took off our shoes, walked across the sand to get in the water at Kee Beach.  At 2 p.m. in the afternoon the sand was so hot, I burned the bottom of both feet, they peeled like crazy.   Today, I went with flip flops, mistake for my sensitive toes. I burned each of my big toes in the sand.  The healing thing  to do was to get them in the water and float for a bit.

Following the float we walked back to the house and prepped dinner and dessert.

I even had time to squeeze in a little nap before dinner.  Dinner was simple fresh local greens with local veggies, even peppers grown by the neighbor thrown in, topped with Mike’s marninated Kauai Shrimp. Dessert turned out to be very good, next time I’m going to fill the sheets with sliced bananas.


We had a bit of time before sunset viewing, so I decided to go on an orchid hunt in the yard.  I was blown away by our friend’s gift for gardening.

Sunset viewing hour was upon us and off we ambled to Tunnels Beach.  Clouds hid the sun hitting the ocean, but having fisherman in the water provided us with another type of wonderful viewing.

Today I burned the toast, I burned the bottom layer of my toes, but hey at least I didn’t fry myself sitting in the sun!

Day 33 – Connected to the Ocean

I wish I could start every morning of our life like we did today.  Wake up, savor a fine cup of coffee, eat fresh fruit, locally grown and then take an hour and half stroll on the beach.

We entered at Cannons Beach and strolled almost to Ke’e Beach.  What a morning to walk, sun and tide were both out. Simply a beautiful morning with creatures of the ocean to watch.

one crab
crabs, snails and limpets oh my
Monk Seal shhh taking a snooze

After our private experience with the monk seal, we continued on until we were able to see the Napali coast in all her beauty.

Napali Coast

At this point we turned around and headed back.  It was a relaxing way to start the day.

By the time we landed at home, it was time to find lunch.  We enjoyed The Jailhouse Pub the first week were here, so we decided to have another lunch there our last week.  We drove the 50 minutes and once again had an enjoyable lunch.  Of course the waitress and the Guinness beer added to a fun lunch experience.

We then hoped to have a dessert at Icing on the Cake in Kapaa, but it is closed for renovations until August 16th.  We were broken heartened. Oh well, hit up the bakery next door.  We picked up a little mango french toast thingie to eat at our outing tonight and I got an iced mocha to go.  Ok it really wasn’t a true iced mocha, a shot of espresso with a little milk and lots of chocolate, to die for!!

At home we recovered from the beach walk and lunch. Quickly 6:30 came and we packed up snacks and headed out to Waipa for the Hawaii Ocean Film Fest featuring tributes to Andy Iron and our Cultural Connections to the Sea.

our VIP passes
the big screen - don't worry the place fills up
happy us

The films were great. We had a lot of fun and to help set the mood the moon came out to play.

the moon comes out

We started the day at the sea and ended the day with films about the ocean. Not a  bad day, I say.

Day 32 – Pacific Beauty

As our days become less and less, we realize we need to spend time at the ocean.  The Atlantic ocean or rather long island sound doesn’t soothe the soul, like the wide expanse of the Pacific Blue.

We first ran to the post office to get packages out-of-the-way, then we drove to Cannons to catch the last bit of low tide.

rain clouds moving in

As we strolled the beach rain showers moved in and we played hike and seek with them.

mike takes shelter from rain

We had a little window where the rain stopped, so we strolled the tidal pools.  Then the skies opened up.

let it rain
pelting rain

Normally we would walk through a rain shower, but this was pelting rain that stings.  I took shelter under tree roots.  My view was amazing through the roots.  I was just happy we practiced 3 and 5 minute squat holds at Crossfit, made it easier to stay in the shelter.

did a 3 minute squat hold under here

After the rain skirted away we returned to our car and landed at home.  After a quick snack it was off to Tunnels to sun and swim.

Our favorite spot under the umbrella tree was empty, how strange.  We enjoyed the solitude for a good hour.

ahhh relaxtion
beautiful water
not may people out there. thank you very much

Then about 1:30 the crowds started moving in.  This is a sign for us to go do our swim and pack up.  The current was so swift today, we flew down the beach on the water and were back at our beach spot in no time.

The voices were getting loud, the pouty lips of children done with a day in the sun and we knew it was time to head home for lunch and showers.

We as usual napped, read, caught up with the world and consumed dinner  from 2:30 – 6:30.

Tonight was a night of story telling on the beach with our friend Meli.  We enjoyed the sunset together and shared stories.  She told us how the clouds form animals and head to Polihale to pass on.  We spent the glow of the evening discovering various animals in the cloud fields.

beginning of suset
the creatures start to form

Unfortunately our cameras could not capture the animals in the low light.  Meli gave us an additional treat of a poster she made, telling of the legends of the North Shore.

legends of the north shore

We’ve been blessed to talk story with many a people.  We will miss our sunset viewings and our evenings of story when we return home.

The time is running out for us here…

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