Day 27 – Dancing the Day Away

The day began with a walk on the beach.  The tide and wind were up making for a sandblasting walk and very little to see in the water.

Afterwards we had our coffee and breakfast and prepared to spend the late morning and early part of the day in Lihue and Kapaa.

We first stopped at the farmer’s market at the Kauai Community College to pick up a few fruits and veggies.  As usual we have to try a new fruit.

any guesses on this stinky fruit with a dry creamy center?

After that we stopped at The Stitchery, a quilting store. I’ve been working on a quilt with a Kauai theme and was lacking border fabric.  I picked up two yards of a batik fabric that I hope works.  Also found a pattern for a Honu quilt, if I can get my act together a special little girl will have a Honu quilt in her near future.

Finally time to stop in Kapaa and watch some Tahitian Dancing and Drumming.  It was the Heiva I Kauai Dance Competition.  We landed around noon, so we missed the first round of competition but there was still entertainment.  This singer performed two songs for us.


Then a dancing group performed for us.

this one was a spitfire
great costumes

After they were done, it was audience participation time.  The announcer called for people from certain states.  If only she had called Connecticut, I would have been in the pictures.

Crowd favorite a couple from Florida
audience member with a pro dancer

After this group was done, fire dancers came on next.

fire dancers
Come on baby light my fire
fire dancers 2

Once the fire dancers performed one more exhibition group danced for us.  This group will be competing on Sunday.

the girls before dancing for the audience

We didn’t hang around for the next round of competition. We jumped in the car and started home. Though the sea was so beautiful right outside of Kapaa, we stopped to enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

pacific ocean
what a view

We arrived home, changed into bathing suits and hit the beach for two hours in the late afternoon.  It was relaxing because as soon as we started to roast a light rain shower would fall, cooling us off.

We came home and cooked up dinner, then off to the beach for sunset.  The clouds really blocked the sun tonight, so the sunset was not dynamic.


On our way from the beach, I thought I would give a burpee a try.  Mistake in Kauai sand because I sank up to my ankles and couldn’t do a proper burpee, but I did have fun trying.

practicing burpees

Once we arrived home, we let the night sky turn to black and went out to photograph night blooming cereus.  This plant only blooms at night and we’ve been wanting to capture it since last summer, finally we got our act together to do it.

trying to get that perfect shot
mike working hard

And I think we did get a few decent photos of this plant.

Great way to end the evening.

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