Day 26- Hitchhikers and One Night Stands

It was a rainy night and morning on the North Shore.  We knew we were hiking and decided to follow the adage if it raining on your side of the island, go to the other side.  Hmmm, that adage doesn’t take into account altitude gain though.

We headed off to hike Alaka’i swamp in Koke’e. After we made a pit stop at Koke’e Lodge we were off. We noticed two guys hitchhiking for a ride the other way.  As it was drizzling, we could waste some time picking them up and delivering them to where ever they needed to go.  We hoped this would buy us some time to get some sun shinning.

We picked them up right off of the Awaawapuhi trail head and shuttled them about two miles to the Nualolo trail head.  They were a guide and his charge for the day.  The hiker was from California and the guide had only been on the island for a few years.  It was odd and we felt a bit like we were betraying our hiking guide friend, Eric.  But we knew he would do the same to help a fellow hiker, it is the aloha and hiker way.

Finally we ended up at the top of Koke’e. The sun was peeking out and we thought what are a few sprinkles. Surely the sun will win over the clouds.  We started out on the Pihea trail to reach the Alaka’i swamp trail. Here are the views we saw:

we are supposed to see the Na Pali coast....

we did have a teaser or two:

did you see that fleeting blue sky?

The trail was muddy and slick, it would rain, sprinkle and drizzle on and off.

mike waiting for a shower to pass

For me, it got to a point it wasn’t fun.  We never made it to the swamp, only 1.9 mile on the Pihea trail.

I'm not having fun

As we drove down, we encountered two more hitchhikers. Ok let’s pick them up.  The couple was from Quebec (thank goodness he wasn’t a hockey player, that’s another story from my past) and they had camped somewhere along the trails.  We couldn’t figure it out because of the language barrier.  We dropped them at the lodge, where we picked up a solo hitchhiker.

Dennis needed a ride into Waimea.  He lived in a cabin on the grounds of Koke’e for many years and volunteered there.  Dennis grew up on the Jersey shore but as many people in Kauai found a home here and way of life he loved.  We had a fun time talking story with him.  As a gift of aloha, he invited us to visit him and stop in at his  cabin to pick fruit from his  orchard. Just may do that next week.

Our hike didn’t turn out as planned, but we talking story with strangers made for a different kind of day.

Of course we needed to eat lunch by this time, so we stopped at Kalaheo Cafe and both devoured the special of Ahi wraps.  OMG so fresh and delicious.  We also ordered my new craving iced mochas (no whipped cream).

On our way to the “home” to the North Shore we decided to hit a few local beaches.  The first beach was Hanamaulu Bay.

local beach
another view

We didn’t stay long, as haole we really stood out, though no one made us feel uncomfortable.

We then stopped at Kalihiwai Bay.  A small crescent shaped beach, that I would go back to sun and ride the waves, ok and paddleboard.

great little beach

After that we returned to the main road and went to the makua side of another road.  It was a beautiful road of lush lawns and winding drives.  Houses you couldn’t see, but dreams you could build upon.

After we reached home, we cleaned and caught up with life.

And then we ventured down to Tunnels for sunset where it happened.  I had a one night stand, poor Mike …I ignored him and courted my new love.

my one night stand

Yes, a surfer dog.  We used each other for a moment in time.  I needed some doggie love and he needed some pats while his surfer was out riding waves.  Mike gave in and agreed to a photo of us together.

resigned to the fact I cheated.

But it was all short lived and I was lucky Mike forgave me. It was back to just the two of us at sunset.

us at sunset

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