Day 3

Today started off with a run.  I ran to Ke’e Beach, 1.8 miles and then met Mike at Cannons Beach, about .8 miles more.  Trade winds are tough to run against and the narrow curvy roads were a bit nerve-wracking.

Go Forest Go, wait Go Ann Go

While I ran, Mike wandered around the beach and enjoyed the views.

Low tide in the a.m.
waves at Cannons
Looking up at the mtns

I joined Mike on the beach, he was kind enough to pack me coconut water and fresh pineapple to have as a recovery snack.

ann after run

This was a great spot to cool down after the run.  We walked the shore and watched a few creatures.

crab attack on mike

After this we went back to the house for a second breakfast.  I was excited to add fresh lilikoi (passionfruit) to my greek yogurt. I have an obsession with lilikoi.


Next up beach time for the morning.  We packed up and walked to Tunnels.  This a huge beach and we have a favorite spot, half in shade and half in sun.  The shade area is a large expanse and there is no need for anyone to plop down within 10 feet of you.

Tunnels beach

I took photos for a honeymooning couple, read and did a swim.  Yup I actually swam in the ocean and in the deep part. Last year the current just carried me down to an exit point, but this year I decided to get a nice workout in and swim.

We returned to our mats, dried off and then a bit later, we had neighbors.  Folks you do not need to be five feet close to us, really.  And by the way, those chairs aren’t yours folks…damn tourists…

move away strangers, there is more shade down further

So we left, as it was lunch time followed by rest time.

After rest time, we headed out to visit Wainiha Ku’au Beach, just down the road to watch the waves.

Waves crash Wainiha Ku'au Beach
Mike walks the beach

Time to head home and prepare dinner of a quiche.  Dessert was a mac nut pie from the Right Slice Lady.  Again another fantastic piece of pie, nice thin flaky crust, great flavor without being overly sweet.

Mac Nut pie - yum

After dinner sunset view at Ke’e Beach. This was the first time we’ve watched the sunset at Ke’e, smell of pot and cigarettes were in the air and lots of people all over.  Think the next time we view the sunset there we will do it from the Kalalau Trail.

Looking down the Napali coast from Ke'e
Ke'e Sunset

Tomorrow a hike up Kauai’s Sleeping Giant and probably an afternoon swim at Tunnels.

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