Day 23 – Drinking in Rainbows

Another rainbow greeted us as we woke up today.  I think we have had three rainbow mornings in a row.  I decided to fill my cup up with rainbow juice instead of coffee this morning!


We were even blessed with a double rainbow!


After filling on up rainbow goodness, we headed to Cannons for an early morning beach stroll.

We followed up the stroll with our morning breakfast of nanns topped with egg, sprouts, ricotta cheese, tomatoes and avocado.


Our game plan for the day was trying to see the Pools of Mokolea, only if the tide was low and the stream crossing was easy, the back up plan was to walk around Kahili Beach (Rock Quarry Beach).  We went with the back up plan today.  What a beautiful beach and one we wished had explored earlier in our trip.  We aren’t sit on the beach all day people, but if we were, this would be that beach.  Great surfer watching spot, not a popular tourist spot, and has enough shade to hide in if the sun gets to be too much.  We ended up spending an hour here, exploring, watching surfers and birds.

Next stop was the Kauai Juice Company. I was still buzzing from the rainbow juice this morning, so I decided I needed more juice, Rainbow Unicorn Juice to be exact.


We then stopped at Hanalei Dolphin for lunch to have our usual fish tacos (ono fish) with a house salad, shared between us.

Immediately following lunch it was time for the Waipa Farmers Market.  Mike’s favorite vendor was there, the lady with the red truck.  She has taken to Mike and always throws things in for him.

We arrived home in time for my nap and some reading time before enjoying dinner and dessert.  Dinner was shrimp marinated in Kauai Juice Company’s Mango Garlic Ghost Sauce and served over taroslaw.  Perfect pairing.


Sunset viewing was obstructed by a lower cloud bank again. However the clouds do provide a lovely backdrop.

Today started with rainbows and ended with a setting sun. It was pure joy to soak in all the colors of the day.

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