Day 24 – A Hiking Day

5 a.m. came early today and having to set an alarm seemed a bit alien to us, but we did it.  We were hiking the Awa’awapuhi trail (Mike did this trail 6 years ago) over in Kokee State Park, about a two hour drive from our house. Boots hit the trail around 8:20 a.m. and made it back to the car around 12:30. Books say the trail is 3.25 miles, taking 2.5 hours one way. According to our gps we it was 5.7 miles taking us 3 hours 45 mins.  that doesn’t include a snack, water or photo breaks.


The trail was a leg burner, especially coming out because it is basically uphill.  Was it worth it? You bet!

After we emerged from the trail, we had a few stops to make before lunch. Had to stop at Big Save because a friend had requested different spam flavors. Next was a stop at this post office that sits all alone out in a field, basically.


We then headed to Kauai Island Brewery. As luck would have it, our spider fearing brewery worker was sitting at the bar enjoying some down time. We pulled up two stools next to him and had the best hour of chatting with him.  Come to find out his mom is from Connecticut, small world.  He did give us the biggest complement, which was “how long have you  lived on Kauai?”

After a lunch of a salad, fish sandwich and beers we headed to our side of the island.  We picked up dinner at SushiGirl Kauai, two specials please!

We didn’t have much down time at home because of the long drive. So after eating only one plate we wobbled down to sunset (our legs were hurting).

What a day from hiking boots to sandy feet, our legs are tired and tomorrow is a well earned rest the legs day!

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