Day 30 – A Day of Beauty

We went our separate ways this morning. Mike went for a hike and I went for a run and a workout on the beach.

Mike returned to the Okolehao Trail and this time went past the bench we usually stop at.

Okolehao Trail Profile

Once again the views were wonderful for him.

Hanalei Bay

rain clouds


when mike hikes solo he gets rainbows

you can see all the way to the lighthouse


beautiful views

After we met up at home, we headed off to our last visit to Limahuli Gardens.  Today we were in for a treat, the hibiscus were in bloom and how stunning they were.

The birds of paradise were very showy today.

We came for the views, these cliffs tell stories and capture my heart.  I said a heartfelt goodbye to the cliffs, until we return again.

After the goodbyes we went to lunch at Red Hot Mamma’s, another hole in the wall joint that makes great burritos.

good eats. This is for you Tom

We then ventured to Waipa’s Farmer Market to pick up a few items to last us a few days.  Again another good bye had to be said, this time to our favorite market.

After that we were both beat from the exercise, walk to and around Limahuli Gardens, so we rested the late afternoon away.

We decided to go to Cannons Beach for sunset,  the sun was going to give us a great show tonight.

and let us not forget the beautiful moon tonight either.

Today was filled with beautiful gifts from nature.  We were lucky to be a part of this day.

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