Day 32 – Pacific Beauty

As our days become less and less, we realize we need to spend time at the ocean.  The Atlantic ocean or rather long island sound doesn’t soothe the soul, like the wide expanse of the Pacific Blue.

We first ran to the post office to get packages out-of-the-way, then we drove to Cannons to catch the last bit of low tide.

rain clouds moving in

As we strolled the beach rain showers moved in and we played hike and seek with them.

mike takes shelter from rain

We had a little window where the rain stopped, so we strolled the tidal pools.  Then the skies opened up.

let it rain
pelting rain

Normally we would walk through a rain shower, but this was pelting rain that stings.  I took shelter under tree roots.  My view was amazing through the roots.  I was just happy we practiced 3 and 5 minute squat holds at Crossfit, made it easier to stay in the shelter.

did a 3 minute squat hold under here

After the rain skirted away we returned to our car and landed at home.  After a quick snack it was off to Tunnels to sun and swim.

Our favorite spot under the umbrella tree was empty, how strange.  We enjoyed the solitude for a good hour.

ahhh relaxtion
beautiful water
not may people out there. thank you very much

Then about 1:30 the crowds started moving in.  This is a sign for us to go do our swim and pack up.  The current was so swift today, we flew down the beach on the water and were back at our beach spot in no time.

The voices were getting loud, the pouty lips of children done with a day in the sun and we knew it was time to head home for lunch and showers.

We as usual napped, read, caught up with the world and consumed dinner  from 2:30 – 6:30.

Tonight was a night of story telling on the beach with our friend Meli.  We enjoyed the sunset together and shared stories.  She told us how the clouds form animals and head to Polihale to pass on.  We spent the glow of the evening discovering various animals in the cloud fields.

beginning of suset
the creatures start to form

Unfortunately our cameras could not capture the animals in the low light.  Meli gave us an additional treat of a poster she made, telling of the legends of the North Shore.

legends of the north shore

We’ve been blessed to talk story with many a people.  We will miss our sunset viewings and our evenings of story when we return home.

The time is running out for us here…

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