Day 8 – Treasures

view from our bedroom

This day was all about finding treasures created from mother nature and man.

Due to the full moon, the tide was extremely low.  By 6 a.m. I made a bee line for the low tide, didn’t even wait for coffee.  I spent about an hour exploring the area in the low tide.


Mother Nature uncovered one gem of a shell for me in the shallows. I always thank her and Pele too.  Don’t want to anger any Hawaiian deities.

P1220637Mike arrived with coffee and my camera.  As I walked the inner reef line I found some sea creatures doing their morning routine, which includes avoiding tourists like me.

can you see the guy hiding in there? I believe an eel?
Sea Urchin
I can’t remember his name
I believe these are in the nudibrach family. Saw a few eating
Type of Puffer fish


After my exploration we had our breakfast and headed off to the Haleiwa Art Show, again.  We wanted to pick up  a few items for gifts and some artwork for our home.  Our friends introduced us to the artist Jeff Hemming, the day before and we really admired his artwork. His talent captured Hawaii for us.  We picked up two small paintings.

IMG_2589 IMG_2590

After the art show, we headed home to read and surprisingly I didn’t have a nap.

We wanted to return to Haleiwa a little after one p.m. to go to the Queen’s Open Market at the Liluokalani Protest Church.  It had a few craft and food vendors.  While we ate pork sliders we were entertained by Polynesia Hula Dancers.

Pork Sliders
Pork Sliders


IMG_2596 P1050121

It is open every Sunday from 1 to 5.  I would recommend stopping in if you are in Haleiwa on a Sunday afternoon.  I then realized our artist had only charged us for one painting, so we needed to go down the street to the art show to pay the artist what we owed him.  I think he was a little shocked, but we believe in karma.

We drove home to spend the remainder of the afternoon floating in the water and  reading.  Mike was trying to decide on a Monday hike.  I prepped dinner of a fresh local salad, while Mike grilled up tri tip steak from VJs Butcher Shop, local beef from Moloka’i.  We placed the beef on the salad, what a refreshing meal.


Cleanup of dinner was followed by the viewing of the sunset, as usual.  Today was a day full of beautiful treasures, some created by man, others created by nature.  Thank you universe for such riches.


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