Day 7 – Bagpipes in Oahu?

IMG_2581Who would have thought we would be listening to the sounds of bagpipes in Oahu today? Certainly not us.  It does seem out of context on a tropical island, but none the less we had that experience mid morning today.

Our day started by driving down the road to walk Mokuleia beach park.  The tide was way out due to the upcoming full moon. We were hoping to see some different sea life in the tide pools. Alas we didn’t.


We continued on down the road to Kaena State Park, but didn’t stop.  It is true what the forums say, the locals hang out on these beaches for the weekend.  We felt like we were intruding on their time, so we didn’t stop.  It is easy for us to drive up mid-week, not so easy for the locals.

We returned home and Mike whipped up a delicious breakfast of our neighborhood eggs, with a zucchini salsa. All to be placed on little tacos and with a side of fruit.

IMG_2556 IMG_2559After that it was time to go to the local farmers market in Waialua at the Sugar Mill.  We love this little market for the great produce and the incredible prices. I think though we over bought fresh veggies.  We need to stay home and get cooking!!

IMG_2561 IMG_2563

didn't know dragon fruit grew this way
didn’t know dragon fruit grew this way

On our way home, we stopped at the library and supported the local book sale.  Every third Saturday of the month, they have a book sale.  Perfect.  We picked up four beach reading books for $2.50.  The selection was current and good.

IMG_2566Our last stop, was a huge surprise.  On the way home we stopped at a road side poke stand, on Waialua Beach Drive.  It was BK’s Big Boys Poke.  OMG, it was amazing. If you are in this area on a Saturday, you have to stop.  It may seem expensive, $16.00 for a pound, but it had flavor, real flavor.  We won’t buy Foodland poke ever again.  I guess what also made it a great experience was the owner and his other half.  They were so friendly, interested in what we had to say, curious about us and gave us a bit of a history lesson on the Haleiwa Farmers Market.


poke sampler
poke sampler

We picked up the sweet and spicy poke and lobster poke.  Guess what dinner was? Poke, but we didn’t know that when we purchased it.

We ran home, changed and meet with our friends, Colleen and Paul at the Haleiwa Art Show.  We arrived a bit early and I was drawn to the sound of bagpipes playing.  On the main stage a Celtic group was performing.  Listening to Celtic music with the blue pacific ocean behind them was unbelievable. Who knew bagpipes in Oahu?

IMG_2569 IMG_2578

We wandered around the art show. It never seemed crowded because it was laid out so well, parking was a little rough, but worth the hassle.  I was shocked at how beautiful Haleiwa beach park is.  The views are stunning, reminded me of Hanalei.  We plan on returning to the beach park in the evening to catch the glow of the setting sun.

IMG_2570 IMG_2571 IMG_2580After the art show, we went out to lunch.  It was great to spend time with our friends.  We just love their easy-going ways and I feel like we’ve been friends forever.  We parted company until Tuesday.

At home, Mike and I did our usual afternoon routine of  read and nap(for me).  We were full from lunch, so our poke became our dinner.  It was perfect and tomorrow they will be at the farmers market in Haleiwa.  Guess where you can find us tomorrow?

lobster poke
lobster poke
sweet and spicy

After dinner we decided to go for a dip in the ocean.  The tide was starting to go out, so we didn’t float out far or for long.

looking towards Haleiwa
looking towards Haleiwa

P1050081After dinner we had our ritual of watching the sunset and reviewing the day.  We had a busy day full of local treats and spending time with good friends.  And who knew I would be enjoying the sounds the bagpipes on the island?  Ahhh all of that makes for a wonderful day in paradise.


4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Bagpipes in Oahu?

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  1. I am very much enjoying your blog! Your easy-going travel style is so similar to ours and simple pleasures are amazing. Love your photos and looking forward to the next installment. We will be on Oahu for only four nights this fall and you’ve given me some ideas for fun. Thanks, Deb
    P.S. I do a blog on our travels too!

    1. Mrs. Glidden,
      Great to hear from you. Poke is usually raw, fresh ahi tuna and not cooked in a citrus juice like cerviche. Usually poke has soy sauce, or an oil (like sesame oil), sometimes you get seaward in it.

      Where we are staying the undertow isn’t bad, we also have an outer reef that helps protect us from that, but that also means very little seashells make their way to the beach.

      Mike doesn’t SUP, so I need someone to go with, want to come out?

      Glad you enjoy the blog and pictures.

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