Day 11 – A Garden of Views

Warning this post is mostly pictures, lots of them and not labeled.


We actually made a plan today to visit an arboretum and some botanical gardens. I thought maybe we would hit three or four. We began our garden tour at Lyon Arboretum in Honolulu.  Let me give you a few details:

1.  Don’t park at the Manoa Falls parking area, go beyond that.
2.  Go to the Welcome Center, sign in and give the donation of $5.00 a person, it is worth it.
3.  Get the trail map, but note some of the side trails do not go through all the way, some are closed and some are hard to follow. Please do explore them
4. Wear bug spray.
5.  Wear hiking shoes, it gets a bit muddy in spots.

Now please enjoy the photos.

P1050254 P1220753

P1220754 P1050257 P1220755 P1220756 P1050267 P1220762 P1220764 P1220765 P1050274 P1050275 P1220768 P1050278 P1050282 P1220776 P1050286 P1220781 P1220782

We took the main trail to Aihualama Falls, however the trail to them is more like a hiking trail, narrow and muddy.  The falls were a trickle today.

P1050291 P1220791 P1220793 P1220796 P1050296 P1220807 P1050300 P1220816 P1220818 P1050313 P1220820 P1220822 P1220827 P1050322 IMG_2612 P1050325 P1050327 P1050330 P1050332 P1050333 P1220835 P1220836 P1220837 P1050338 P1220840 P1220841 P1220843 P1050350 P1220847 P1220848 P1050355 P1220851 P1050359 IMG_2614 P1220859 IMG_2616

We spent a little over two hours here and we could have spent more time there.  If you love plants, beautiful walks and a peaceful setting this is the place to be.

Realizing our plan of three to four gardens wasn’t realistic, we decided to find lunch and go to one more garden.  Yelp, saved the day. We discovered He’eia Pier General Store and Deli. I can see where parking can be a problem on the pier, but we had no problem.  This is it, nothing grand to look at, but trust me the views around it are amazing and the food even better.

He'eia at the end of the pier
He’eia at the end of the pier
looking out at the end of the pier
we sat outside, besides staring at Mike, this was my view
Spicy Poke Bowl
Ahi Katsu

We decided our final garden to visit would be Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe.
This was different than the arboretum and you could drive to the different types of gardens here.  We only did a few sections, because we were tired from the first jaunt.  We plan to go back to finish this one off.  If nothing else, go for the views of the Ko’olau Range.

Again enjoy the photos.

This tree is in the pea family.
Mountain Apples
Mike is upset he can’t reach the apples. I know you aren’t supposed to touch or eat them.

P1220862 P1050366 P1220865 P1050373 P1220869 P1050374 P1050377 P1220871 P1050379 P1050381 P1050386 P1050387 P1050388 P1050393 IMG_0615 IMG_0617

At this point it was after 3:30 p.m. time to head home, grab dinner at VJs North Shore Dog and Burger.  I had ahi at lunch, so went with a mahi-mahi sandwich for dinner.  Sorry no pictures, I ate it to fast.

At home, we went for an early evening float, I wrote and then sunset.  Today really was about all the views.

P1050402 P1220889

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