Day 12 – Beach Bums

P1050434There is no other way to say this than…we were beach bums today.  We went to three different beaches off The Farrington Highway in Mokuleia.  We just randomly picked the first two.  For us though being a beach bum, means walking the beaches, we didn’t sit at all.

Beach #1

One surfer trying to catch waves

One surfer trying to catch waves


when at the beaches on this end, don’t forget to look away from the beach, the hills are beautiful

P1050407 P1050411

Beach #2 (had to walk down to this beach from a higher parking area)

had to walk through a tree tunnel

had to walk through a tree tunnel


lots of rock crabs

P1050416 P1050418 P1050419 P1050426Beach #3 – Makaleha Beach Park (our favorite one, it looks to be a great snorkel spot and there is shade)

walk down a long path

walk down a long path


Great spot to watch the parachuters drop out of the sky


Horse paddocks are on either side of the path down the beach

P1050430 P1050431 P1050436

We were out for over two hours exploring the beaches, picturing taking, shell collecting and swimming.

Lucky find, intact sea urchin

Lucky find, intact sea urchin


some of our shells from today

After our return home, we dried off, started laundry and headed out for the mundane task of grocery shopping.  We did treat ourselves to a stop at the Paalaa Kai Bakery. Snow puffies were once again calling our name.

It was a good afternoon to sit in the shade, read and prep dinner.  After a dinner of roasted chicken and sides, I crashed.  All of a sudden a day of sun, hit me.  I barely made it to sunset.  Who knew being a beach bum could be so tiring?


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