Day 16 – Storm Prep

7:30 a.m. rainbow

We awoke later than normal, it was a bit darker this a.m.. Mike put on a pot of coffee, new blend from Green World Farms, we paired it with a mango ginger scone(not the best and more muffin like) we picked up yesterday and made the plan for the morning.  We had a storm related agenda to attend to.

Off to Costco for gas. Wait a minute, we have a rainbow.  Time for a rainbow break.

P1050557 P1050562  At home in New England when a major storm is forecasted, the gas lines and grocery stores are insane.  We expected the same here.  Well, we arrived at Costco at 8 a.m. and the line was not long at all.

We returned to the North Shore via Green World Farms for a cup of coffee.  I know we had some at home, but we didn’t drink much.  Coffee and a cappie to go please.

We had to stop at a grocery store in Haleiwa for a few items, thinking the lines would be crazy and no water left on the shelf, we braced ourselves.  Nope…hardly anyone in the store and shelves were full of everything.

We continue on our rounds, post office next, bakery for bread.  If we lose power and have to eat peanut butter and jelly, I want good bread.  Ok, confession here…it will be a coconut peanut butter and lilikoi or guava jelly sandwich.

Home at last, with a rainstorm coming in.  Checked facebook and noticed VJs Butcher Shop’s post they are open to 1 p.m. and have a 15% discount because of the storm.  Back in the car.  We pick up some filet mignon, can grille that if we lose power. We talked some storm story.  We did ask the owner how long power goes down around these parts with a storm and he replied only a few hours.  WHAT? a few hours, that is nothing. Two years ago with that darn snow storm in October we went without power for seven days, he couldn’t believe that.  Haleiwa wasn’t doing much to prepare for the storm, except for VJs he buttoned up his burger and dog shack.

vjs all buttoned up
vjs all buttoned up

Arrived at our house and the sky was blue.  We needed exercise, so went for an hour beach walk.  If I did this every day, I would have the most toned legs in the world.  Come on retirement, get here.

looking back towards our beach and waimea
umm where did waimea go to?
grumpy crab on sea glass
hey mr. turtle

P1050569 P1050575

After the walk, it was lunch time.  Leftovers of chicken and steak…yummmmm. Luckily the rain stopped and we could eat outside.  We then played the rain falls, we go inside, the rain stops, we go outside, repeat about three times and we finally cry “uncle” to the weather and retreat indoors for the remainder of the afternoon.

Tonight’s dinner was ahi with kale/onions and a fried cheese.  We picked up the cheese yesterday from Naked Cow Dairy.  This was the first dinner we had to eat inside the house, no outdoor dining.


We did some house cleaning after dinner (ok mike did) and waited for the non sunset.  Throughout the day we watched the forecast.  Cheered when Flossie was downgraded  and knew we are ready for an overnight of rain and wind.

P1230237 P1050605

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