Day 17 – Post Storm?

IMG_2738I woke up at midnight and listened to the wind blow, not howl, just blow a bit stronger than usual.  I waited for the rain, but never heard it.  I realized Storm Flossie had frizzled so I fell right back asleep.  There really wasn’t much of a storm overnight, we had maybe three extra twigs in our yard.

We decided to head out to Laie Point and see the window in the rock.  We tried to go on Sunday, but the amount of people and lack of parking, had us quickly turning around.  On our way, we noticed there was parking at Waimea Bay. There is never parking here, it is always jammed packed.  Mike quickly turned the car into the parking area and we jumped out in a state of shock.  We never thought we would walk this beach.

P1230246 P1230245

We didn’t stay long and we continued on to Laie Point. We observed rain showers starting to move in on us.  As we were looking at the views, the remnants of Flossie made an appearance.

P1230251 P1050610 P1230250We took shelter in the car and tried to figure out which way the rain was moving.  We didn’t have good luck with that.  We decided to head back the way we came.  We had torrential downpours on the way back with parts of the road flooding.  I can’t imagine if Flossie hit as a tropical storm, how flooded everything would be.

As we neared Sunset Beach, the rain stopped and we choose to stop at Pu’u o Mahuka Heiau.  A heiau is a very sacred place to the Hawaiians, it is a temple.  This one is the largest in Oahu and should be visited.


P1230270 IMG_2743

P1230254 P1050627 P1230256 P1230255

There were side paths that led off to views of Waimea Bay.

P1230257 P1230265 P1230261However, don’t wear flip-flops, some of the path is on red soil and sticks like crazy to the bottom of your flip-flops.

Mike scrapping off the red dirt.
what the trail looks like to the overlooks
the bottom of my shoe, about a quarter inch of mud

We were very hungry by then and lunch was needed.  We decided to try Waialua Bakery and Juice Bar in Haleiwa.  Fresh baked bread (we had seven choices of rolls) and the freshest ingredients.  If you like lemonade, stop in here and they will even add items to it.  I had fresh ginger in mine and Mike had fresh mint, wowzers.

IMG_2744 IMG_2748 IMG_2745After lunch, we needed exercise.  Time for a snorkel.  We went down to what we affectionately call Horse Beach.  It is the public beach that the path is lined with horses.  This morning the waters were so calm, we hoped it continued for the afternoon.  No such luck at this beach.  Mike went in and I sat on the beach.  He said visibility was poor and then more rain moved in.  We packed up and headed home.

The heavens opened up as soon as we arrived at the house, instant flooding of the road.  If Flossie had dumped rain on us overnight, Mike and I might be swimming in our house, not outside in the ocean.  You could visibly see the sun rain line this afternoon.


Looking at the mountains, you would think steam was coming off of them.

P1050648After the rain cleared, we noticed our beach had nice calm waters, the water was still a little murky.  Time to snorkel here.

P1050677 P1050673 P1050672 P1050669 P1050667 P1050664After a fun little excursion, I hopped on facebook and noticed my dream cupcake maker in Waialua had some for sale.  I’ve been watching her fb for months, hoping we would be able to taste one of creations.  Ka’ala Cupcakes is usually pre-order only. Today a local farmer gave her lilikoi and strawberry guavas. She made cupcakes and offered them to people via facebook.  All you had to do was text her your order and she would deliver them.  OMG, I was so giddy, I couldn’t type in our address in the text, Mike had to take over.

The flavor is/was amazing.

Dinner tonight, no it wasn’t just cupcakes, but the filet mignon we picked up yesterday at VJs Butcher Shop in Haleiwa.  We paired it with salad, all local ingredients and bread from the bakery.  Love eating with local ingredients.

P1230280Sunset was amusing tonight, different cloud formations and types.  The colors kept changing.  Flossie may have fizzled overnight, but the end of her really let the rain fall on us today, but I think it inspired the sunset.

P1230288 P1230307

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