Day 15 – It’s all about the food

We had thought last night we would get up early and hike.  Well that didn’t happen, we slept in.  Then we awoke to more news about Tropical Storm Flossie and thought we still need to get a few items (more seltzer, wine and beer…if we lose power those items don’t have to be cold), so let’s go shopping.  Where can we go?

I know, I know, let’s try another farmers market in Kailua, baked items won’t go bad without being cold, let’s get some jelly…you can always make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Off we went to the market.

IMG_2712From the North Shore it was a drive, but worth it.  It reminded us of the Haleiwa Sunday Market we loved.  It had character, not crowded, food vendors with awesome cooked food that balanced out the fruit/produce vendors.  We ate a breakfast burritos that was killer (sorry forget a photo), had a lilikoi drink that was so fresh and then a green smoothie that had the lovely bite of ginger in every sip.  You could pick up fresh meat, fresh greens, wholesome doggie food for your four-legged friend and it wasn’t overly crowded.  Can you tell I like this market?

IMG_2713 IMG_2711 IMG_2710 IMG_2709 IMG_2708We picked up a bag of kale ($3.00), lilikoi jam, some scones and a hand of green bananas(by the time we got home, the bananas were already yellow). But let me tell you about Naked Cow Dairy Hawaii.  OMG you want honest, good cheese, find this place, buy their product and savor every ounce of it .

OMG amazing fresh cheese
OMG amazing fresh cheese

Our next stop was Foodland in Kailua, wow that was the nicest Foodland outside of Princeville,Kauai we’ve been in.  Picked up a few items, but forget to get extra water.

After that we decided to take the long way home and drive the coast up to the North Shore.  Our first stop was  Kailua Beach Park.  Pretty beach.

IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_2719

As we drove along, we stopped at one more beach for a prime viewing spot of Chinaman’s Hat. It was Kualoa Beach Park.  The locals were here and we didn’t stay long.

IMG_2721 IMG_2723 IMG_2725

The view looking makua was just as beautiful.


This was the last beach stop as we drove along.  I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures along the way, enjoy the show.

P1230173 P1230177 P1230182 P1230184

If you wonder what I mean by weekends are local time, this is what a beach looks like on the weekend.  I love to see it because it is family time.

P1230186 P1230187 P1230189We kept passing low rider and high rider trucks on our route.  Guess if you had a truck it was  time to join the convey.  I told Mike we should have grabbed the truck at the rental place, we might have fit in for a bit of fun.

We needed to get to Haleiwa for 1 p.m. had to get our luau tickets for the Liluokalani Protestant church luau next Saturday (shh we were raised Catholics, but I don’t think they mind, if we hang out with them). We were a bit early so off we headed to Green World Farms coffee.  We were out and needed a new bean to try.  Had a lovely talk with one of the growers. We were concerned about TS Flossie stripping the trees of beans.  He told us the trees producing beans right now could withstand the wind.  Good news.

With our beans purchased time to head into Haleiwa, what a traffic jam.  Luckily we know the backroads that avoided some of that congestion.  We parked right at the church, picked up our tickets and talked our first story of the day.  We were invited back for the days before the luau to watch the “preparing and baking of the pig”.  We were also invited to come help out with the preparation for the luau.  Guess we need to do it, give back to the community that has welcomed us.

We grabbed a quick lunch and listened to a wonderful singer.


We then went to see our favorite poke vendor, BKs Big Boys.  The woman who helps sells the poke with her husband, is lovely and come to find out while talking story we are both in education.  We chatted for a while about our careers, the politics, common core and the pay scales.  We really loved chatting with her and then she tipped us off to the best place to find pickled mango.

Off we go to find the mango.  In Haleiwa, across from the harbor is a little house that sells pickled mango.  We had a fine time chatting with the gentleman and his wife about everything.  These are the moments that last in a memory, of what a vacation is about.  His pickled mango is the best we’ve had so far.

IMG_2731By the time we arrived home, unpacked the car with all our goodies of food, it was late afternoon.  We had our float in the ocean, read a little and decided on dinner.  That was easy, fresh cheese and poke…not together, cheese first, then poke. Mike also made dessert.  He took that strange fruit, from yesterday and made a frozen dessert.


The frozen concoction had the black sopate, pineapple, banana, vanilla and agave syrup.  He served it with a crushed macadamia nut cookie, we picked up at today’s market and a lilikoi.  I will say this was one of my top 10 desserts I have ever had.


The evening sunset tonight didn’t disappoint.  We picked up some great food, taked story, meet amazing people and ate very well, yeah our life is food centered.

Tomorrow we begin serious storm prep, gas the car up, get water, fill the bathtub with water, take all outdoor items in, charge all electronics and we wait.

Tomorrow or Tuesday’s post might be a little dull, sorry folks, but we have to be safe, or if we lose power…no post at all.

P1230203 P1050546

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