Day 20 – Time Out

IMG_0648Sometimes in life your body tells you to take a time out from busy.  OK for me, the body tells me on a quarterly schedule.  Today was that day.  We had plans to return to the church in the morning for the unveiling of the cooked pig, volunteer for a bit, have a friend up with her son and show the around the North Shore, all by noon.

Body said no after watching the unveiling(and it wasn’t because of seeing the piggies).  I wasn’t feeling so hot, so we cancelled plans, which I felt horrible about.

We missed the undressing of the imu, arrived in time to see them pulling out the first pig and stayed for a few minutes more.

as soon as the pigs came out, people where there to quickly get the bones out.

P1230624 P1230627

We retreated home for the rest of the morning.  Around noonish, I felt like I could function for a bit and Mike was a bit bored of sitting around.  We headed out to Wahiawa Botanical Gardens.  It was a quick drive from the North Shore and the walk around the gardens wasn’t time-consuming, mainly because the lower portions were closed.

Lower portions were inaccessible
Lower portions were inaccessible. sorry not a great photo
ummm what do you mean, I can’t go down there?

The garden is beautiful and you wouldn’t realize you are in an urban setting.

loved the leaf design
This is a cactus hanging from the tree
beautiful to look at, but I thought it smelled like a room full of wet dog
love these trees

P1050973 P1050966 P1230661 IMG_0643 IMG_0642 P1230657 P1230653 IMG_0636 IMG_0637 P1230644 P1230642 P1050924 P1230636 P1230635 P1230631After our exploration, I still had a little steam left, so I knew I could do one more short excursion.  We drove by a sacred site, The Kukaniloko Birthing Stones and visited the site.


This is located in a sugar cane field with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop.

IMG_0648You walk down a short dirt road.

P1230664There the stones stand.

IMG_0655We meandered about, soaking in the beauty and mystery of this sacred place.

P1230667 P1230668 P1050985 P1050984 P1050990 IMG_2831We had one last stop to make on our way home, VJs Butcher Shop.  We had a few items we needed for our final week (boo hoo).

IMG_2833I was pretty spent after our two hour outing.  I rested while, Mike grilled up dinner.  After dinner, he went for a sunset swim and while I stood on land to capture the sunset.  We were treated to a pre show at our sunset show, a rainbow.

P1230677So our day was a bit of a break from rush, rush, rush of the last two days.  I had a time out, which was ok, because we have a busy weekend.

P1230685 P1060008

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