Of Ancient Things


Another day, another exploration was planned. This time we visited ancient things of nature and man.  Of course the day couldn’t start without  a hearty breakfast of potatoes and eggs with a view.


The first planned stop was O’Neils Beach on the Atlantic side, south of the Anderson Settlement . The winds were blowing creating for dramatic waves. The beach had great rock perches to climb on and overlook the ocean.


We worked on another Christmas card photo.

Along the way we spied a termite mound and a portuguese man of war.

After exploring the beach, we returned to the beach road and found a blue hole, that happened to be green due to the shallowness of it.

It appeared at one point someone had plans to develop this area, with nice palms and plants put in with planned roads.


This island is peppered with churches and we could spend days stopping at all of them. They are all so lovely from new to old. We stopped at one being rebuilt. The original church was from 1903.

We then went in search of a lunch spot. We spied a beach, took the wrong road and ended up this area that seemed to be a fishing port at one point in time.

So we backtracked, but once we went down the correct beach road, a local family was at the beach and we didn’t want to be that intrusive tourist so we retreated.

Our next stop was the Morris Settlement. Stopping at the Morris’ Tomb and Grave Marker. 

Driving past this we encountered another blue hole.

We still haven’t had our lunch we packed and once again we hit that famished point. So we had to find that beach to sit at. Mike picked a random road on Google maps, only to discover it was the Chez Pierre Restaurant road. Down we went, hoping we weren’t going to just end up there and have to turn around to find another spot.  Down the beach road we went, the road turned right to the restaurant and we went straight ahead a few feet to a nice little spot. An old Bahamian house greeted us.

We enjoyed lunch of tuna fish sandwiches on Bahamian bread. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better tuna fish sandwich in my life. After enjoying this fine meal, I went out wading.

On our way home a little lady was selling her woven goods. Ever mindful of packing space, I just picked up two placemats for home. Her work was beautiful and if we could figure out a way to get her table runners home we would. She is located on the east side of Queens Highway, close to the road that leads to Tiny’s Hurricane Hole.


We actually arrived back home early today, allowing us the first afternoon to really sit and read in the gazebos. Once again the winds were such, we couldn’t snorkel. Of course we didn’t get much reading done, we kept getting distracted by the views and the rain clouds.

Dinner was a broccoli salad, Mike had prepped this morning. We added cooked chicken and it really hit the spot.


Sunset tonight was greeted by a bigger cloud bank. The day ended with us reminiscing on our  day of visiting the past, created by mother nature and human hands.


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