Just Around the Bend

Early morning for me, not sure why? Decided to get up and watch the moon set. Seems to be it is becoming a habit, hopefully only a vacation habit.


One the sun started to rise, we headed over to the Atlantic side (Martin Jolly Beach) for a pre breakfast hike.  It was a beautiful morning.  I just kept walking, needing to see what was just around the bend, increasing our mileage and ridding ourselves of the notion this was going to be just a short walk.

After a breakfast of toast and yogurt, we took our time figuring out the day. We had hoped for calm water on our bay, but the wind gods were not obliging us. Staying around and snorkeling wasn’t an option. Well, Long Island isn’t lacking in beaches, we decided to do some exploring and WOW, we found two places we need to return to.

First stop turn left on the road at the old grocery store that doesn’t exist anymore, follow that road and you come to Rokers Beach, or some call it Whelk’s Cay Beach.  This was a long road, with lots of twist, never knew what was around the bend as we drove. Thankfully we didn’t encounter any other cars.

Again a short beach walk turned into a long one because I had to keep seeing what was around the bend. This little cove was beautiful once you overlooked all the garbage that washes up.

This beach offered us many treasures, including a sea biscuit larger than my hand. Sadly it was paper-thin and it would be impossible to safely transfer home.

While here I found the house we are going to purchase, when we win powerball. It was small, just the right size for us and overlooking that cove would be a treasure!


Once again another beach we have to return to when the Atlantic gives us a calm day.

Returning to the Queen’s Highway, we went about 5km south to the next beach in Pinders. This beach was across from Guana Cay.  Another beach to return to on a calm day.  By this time, my calves were screaming, so we didn’t walk as much as we wanted to.

Mike spied a little gazebo up on the hill, abandoned but still in great shape.

Our short excursions of the day turned into a longer one than planned. We needed lunch, so we stopped at Sou Side in Salt Pond for some conch treats. It was good and filling and not fast food at all.

After a restock of grocery food (everything is closed on Good Friday), we made it home. A short float was in order, even if the water was choppy.

Mike even got some laundry done. (yes we travel with paracord and clothes pins to create our clothes line).


While writing the blog, our dinner consisted of an appetizer platter. We were to dang tired from 5 miles of beach walking today to fix a proper dinner.

We awaited sunset, desperately trying not to fall asleep before it happened. Thankfully it was a shorter sunset than other nights, due to the big bank of clouds that moved in. We could go to bed early!


We just had to look beyond the next bend for the hidden treasures this island has to offer. What an amazing day!





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