Words of Advice Bahamian Style

Nassau Airport

Our adventure to an out island started in the wee predawn hours in Boston. We boarded JetBlue to land in Nassau a mere three hours later, greeted by warmth and sun.  We cleared all the necessary checks in no time, grabbed some eats at the airport pizza place and waited a few hours until  we boarded our little plane.

We had nine passengers and two crew members, with room left over.   It felt strangely odd and a bit sad, knowing we weren’t going to Staniel Cay this trip. I love flying over the islands, sadly this plane had horrible windows, so snapping those stunning photos wasn’t going to happen.

Part of the Exumas, HI Terri and Butch!

We landed early and Phil, the owner we are renting from welcomed us. This was an unexpected and welcomed treat.  Our car rental person wasn’t around, so Phil gave us our first piece of advice by suggesting we go grab some cold beers down the way and bring back the beer to drink “if you have to wait, wait with a kalik.” So we did. While we waited another passenger was waiting for his car rental. While talking with him we learned he was down here to practice free diving at Dean’s  Blue Hole before the big competition at the end of April(why we didn’t offer him a beer, can’t drink due to diving). He mentioned to us that a few world-class divers are coming in this week to practice and invited us to watch.

grabbing cold kaliks

We returned to the airport and half way through the first bottle, the rental car lady arrived. Mike went with her and I remained with Phil, so he could point out things on Long Island. The most notable item, the liquor store was closed, even shocking Phil, it never closes early. A quick 20 minutes later we arrived at the cottage.  He gave us a tour of the grounds and repeatedly gave us our second piece of advice, “Don’t swim at night, tiger sharks are out.” A rather sound piece of advice.

view from the screened in porch
little man-made cove, private
one of the many views

After the walkabout, Phil left and we went out to the grocery store. Having been on Staniel Cay we didn’t expect much and we were in shock with how well the store shelves were stocked, even days after the mail boats had left. We asked inside where to get beer and their advice “go to Sou Side, she will sell you some.” Taking her up on her advice we headed out.

First though we went to another grocery store, which again was well stocked. We then headed back stopping at Sou Side Restaurant to ask is she would sell us a few Kaliks.  Happily she did, though she was out of just plain regular Kalik. But we purchased the other Kaliks.  She imparted on us our final piece of advice for the day about Sunday, “if you need anything at the markets, they are only open from 8-10 and so is the gas station.”  Again important words to know when on an out island.

We settled in, cooked a quick dinner and dined in the gazebos that was newly built.

dinner with a view

After dinner clean up, it was time for sunset viewing.  We won’t have a water sunset, as the arm of Long Island faces us, the sun drops behind that. It doesn’t matter because we are on an island, receiving sound advice, listening to the water and the rooster, drinking beer and just relaxing.

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  1. As usual, your adventures intrigue and your photographs are magnificent! Despite not getting a “full on” sunset, those pictures are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the experience- looking forward to the next installment.

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