Hanging with 3 of my favorite guys – Day 3 in DC

Yikes, Martin Luther King Jr day was downright cold in DC.  We quickly decided not to go out to a new coffee place, that would require a metro ride and a long walk. Instead we walked the .2 miles over to Firehook bakery for a breakfast sandwich to go.  We briskly walked back, made some coffee, lit the fireplace and enjoyed a breakfast in a warm flat.


Afterwards we cleaned up the flat and packed our bags for our departure.  This is a great little flat to rent.  We found it on Airbnb.  The size is perfect for two people and the location is simply superb.

Living room looking into the kitchen
Bedroom with a queen bed

We waited till a little before 10 a.m. and quickly walked over to the Smithsonian’s American Indian Museum for a new exhibit on Hawaii.  We were really excited to see this exhibit, but it was a huge disappointment.  It was more signage than artifacts.


We then endured the cold and went over to the Natural History Museum to see another new exhibit.


It was a beautiful photography exhibit.


After our walk back to the apartment in the chilly air, we gathered our bags and our friend Peter arrived to take us out to lunch.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch and some beers at Rustico Restaurant.

Our plane kept getting delayed, Pete suggested we visit one of my favorite men, President Theodore Roosevelt. Why not?  I was already with two of my favorite people. Good things happen in three.  Off we went to Theodore Roosevelt Island to see the Teddy statue.

Our flight was delayed once again, so off we went to Port City Brewery to sample their goods.  This is excellent beer and we hope to return once again to drink more of their goodness.


Our last day, I spent with some great guys, eating, sightseeing and drinking good brews.  Perfect way to end a fun visit to one of our favorite cities.

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