Bei Bei Bucket List

Our one goal today was to see Bei Bei, the baby panda at the zoo.  First though we had to fuel up with coffee.  We tried a new to us coffee place, The Coffee Bar.  The place was busy, but that didn’t interfere with them making delicious coffee.  Mike had an Americano and I enjoyed a perfectly made cappuccino. The peach raspberry muffin was amazing too.


Hopping back on the metro, we headed to the zoo.  I had convinced myself if I didn’t get to see Bei Bei due to long lines, I wouldn’t be crushed.  We entered the Asian trail and walked right up to the house entrance, waited a few minutes and we were in the next group allowed in.  The zoo was allowing 40-50 people in for 10 minute viewings.  I couldn’t believe our luck, no waiting.  I think the cold weather and conversational snow, kept a few people away.  Of course Bei Bei though wasn’t playing, he was sleeping in a bucket.

Towards the end of the enclosure was the viewing cameras. It was more fun watching all the cameras then watching a sleeping Bei Bei.


We wandered around the zoo to check out the other animals.

After spending a few hours at the zoo, it was lunch time.  Hoping on the metro once again, we landed in Shaw and went to Right Proper Brewery.  We’ve been here a few times, but our last visit was a disaster, in which we ended up walking out and vowing never to return.  But a good beer menu forced us to give it one more try.  Glad we did.  We had a delightful lunch with a few excellent half pours.


By this time, it was 2 p.m. and that means nap time for me.  We returned to the flat and spent some time re charging our batteries and resting our legs.

After walking over 9 miles yesterday, our legs were done. We decided on having dinner close to home and call it an early night.  We thought we might do a nighttime walking tour of the monuments this morning, but our legs rebelled and it was just dinner, then back to the flat.

We walked the short distance to Barrel. As we walked in, we were recognized and welcomed over to the bar.  It was the owner of Sona Creamery and she remembered us.  It was a great feeling to be recognized and treated like we’ve known her forever.  Dinner was amazing and I had a mixed drink call The Milk Bar, a nice bourbon mixed with banana, vanilla and citrus.


After dinner, we wandered back to the flat, we turned on the fireplace and enjoyed our gifted Mexican Radio.  Great day and one where I can check off a bucket list item, seeing a sleeping panda cub in a bucket, that seems appropriate.




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