Sunday School

School of jacks returning…

Our first full day on Long Island, began with us praising the morning view out.


After that  the ritual of coffee and the writing of yesterday’s trip report began. Next on the Sunday task list was  breakfast of pancakes. Our friends on Staniel taught us that on Sundays you must eat pancakes in the Bahamas and 8 a.m. was the time to start. So ricotta pancakes were created and consumed!


Sunday ricotta pancakes

The view for breakfast was perfect and we spied a school of jacks heading out for Sunday School towards Thompson Bay.


Following the jacks lead we decided to head to our Sunday worship services and school. It was time for our first beach walk to the Atlantic side of the island about a mile away.


Our return walk, allowed us to worship the views and flowers.


We walked along the road until our driveway, soaking in our driveway view as we descended.

The way to the sacred view
the view…

Of course after the walk, it was time for the next ritual; making of our peanut butter and guava on Bahamian bread sandwiches.


After lunch it was time for a snorkel. It was the first snorkel in our new spot. Sadly the water was cloudy and no pictures were taken. We did spy a few barracudas, angelfishes and one big pufferfish. Hopefully another day we will have photos.

After the snorkel, we decided to dry off and head North. We made it as far as Stella Maris Resort and on the way back stopped at the touristy sign of the Tropic of Cancer.




Yes we did stand on both sides!

Once home it was time to clean up proper and enjoy appetizers on the gazebo.


While enjoying this, the school of jacks returned from their Sunday School.


Afterwards it was time to cook dinner ( a nice risotto with chicken) and enjoy the meal. We settled in after dinner to pay our respect to the setting sun and say goodbye to a Sunday spent at Nature’s school.




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