Spirits Called


The moon glow beckoned me awake at 6 a.m. and I listened to her song. Her pink glow entranced me and I went to watch her in all her glory as she set this morning.


As dawn awakened the call of coffee, extremely good coffee had to be consumed, along with a hearty meal of potatoes and eggs.


Our next adventure awaited just around the corner, going to KCs Liquor store to get Kaliks. Just our luck, he was closed and wouldn’t  open till 9:30, which really meant sometime, whenever, oh well. Where the spirits denying us Kaliks on vacation?

In order to fill our day we decided a drive to the end of the road was called for. Long Island has one main road, The Queen’s Highway. After an hour and half drive we made it to Gordons the end of the road.


End of the highway on Long Island

Gordon’s beach was “packed”,  three other cars had gotten there before us, forcing us to park further away.  I think the universe liked us because that was the best place to park,  it allowed us to have the wow moment as we crested the little hill.


This was perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches we have  had the privilege to walk.  We went to the right, while the left was  “crowded” with a few people.

As we walked I gathered angels wings.  I thought of all the people we have lost watching over us.  I placed them gently on a rock alter, taking a moment to remember.


We decided this was a perfect beach to float and maybe snap that Christmas card photo.


As we dried off, we drifted back to the car via the beach, soaking up the surreal beauty of this place.


As we exited the beach, we spied Phil in a pickup truck with two friends. They were surprised to see us so far from “home”.

On our way to find lunch, we stopped at roadside stand that sold a few straw goods. The man who makes them came out and I purchased two, while Mike was being haggled by the man’s sister to give her money to buy milk for her daughter. She looked right at me as I entered the vehicle and told me I was ill, that perhaps I had the flu, then changed it to sinus problems. It was eerie, so I nudged Mike to give her some money. I didn’t want any bad juju on this trip and that woman had a sixth sense.

We stopped for lunch at Max’s Conch Bar, where I happily devoured a conch salad with johnny cake and Mike had grouper fingers with peas and rice.

We had one last stop to make, get some Kaliks and another 5 gallon jug of water so we did! Finally the beer spirits shined their light on us and we got a case!

We had just enough energy left for a late afternoon float at our cottage. Mike pulled me along as he swam around the bay.



Our little rental cottage on the left, the still in progress gazebos on the right with the owner’s house high above

The float ended and it was time to clean up and create a feast for dinner. Tonight we even made a key lime mango no bake cheesecake for tomorrow’s dinner. While I worked on a heavenly dessert, Mike created a feast of quesadillas and salad.


The spirits of the sunset, never disappoint. Maybe tonight’s was a little less dramatic than previous nights, but that is ok by us. No matter what, we know the spirits of nature have granted us the life to witness such beauty.


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  1. I had just been thinking the other day it had been a while since I had heard your tales of travel. I came across your blog about hour years ago when you had been to Hawaii. I love your writing, I love your desire to live like a local rather than to be a tourist that wants everything as it is at home. Simplicity and joy always come through your writing. What a lovely way to live. Enjoy your holiday, I shall certainly enjoy reading of your adventures.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. April of 2016 we traveled to Staniel Cay, but had hardly any internet service. I did write, just never posted, thinking I would. We’ve spent a great deal of time traveling to DC, but hard to live as a local there. I appreciate you reading my traveling diary.

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