What Tuesday Taught Us


See that dark cloud, well at 5:30 a.m. it reminded us of a very important lesson we forgot, take all the laundry in before bedtime. We didn’t care about the bathing suits, but the bathroom towels were soaked. Oh well, life in paradise…

After the morning wake up call, it was a good reason to get going earlier than the previous day.  Breakfast was french toast and we learned coconut rum tastes better in the french toast egg stuff than vanilla does. This is a life altering lesson.


While we enjoyed our breakfast, we planned out the day. This kind of view can easily make the morning slip away, but with the extra early wake up call, we could linger a bit.


We decided since we went south yesterday, we should head north today on the Queen’s  Highway. Our end destination would be the Columbus Monument.  After filling up the gas tank ($4.70 a gallon), we headed off. The ride was about 50 minutes to the bumpy road to get the monument.  This taught us another valuable lesson, beat up rental cars are a must on this island.  We probably added a few new scratches to the existing ones.

Winds were blowing out of the north, it was extra breezy at the top of the monument.

Someone placed a gentle reminder to smile inside of a well in the monument. While on this vacation we certainly didn’t need it.


If this had been a calm day, the cove would have been lovely to snorkel in.

We only spent about 15 minutes exploring and headed off to our next destination, Cape Santa Maria Resort. While the setting was lovely, it wasn’t for us, to upscale.

As we exited the resort, the road kept going across, so following one of our adages, we followed the road we hadn’t taken before. It lead us to some beautiful homes and a little gazebo area, where we stopped to read the sign and soak in the views.

Where to go next? Well we had passed a sign in Stella Maris for Adderley’s Plantation Ruins, so we followed the road. We did not do our homework beforehand so we were stumped as how to actually get to the ruins, once we parked. We later learned we had to walk down the beach and find the conch shell path. Yup another lesson from Tuesday, do your homework before you leave the cottage with wifi!

On our way to find lunch, we noticed the little bakery was open. As we had passed it three other times and it was closed, we decided to stop. Boy are we glad we did, Alfred was inside and explained that the boat had just come in with supplies so nothing was fresh. He told us to return on Thursday and Friday when his wife will bake for the Canadians and Brits. We had to ask why? I know we thought, what American’s can’t buy on those days. Canadians and Brits on this island set either Thursday or Friday as their shopping days.  Great piece of knowledge he shared with us, along with his life story, very delightful Bahamian.


As we zoomed on the road, we made a quick decision to stop at this little beach by the road, Harvey’s Bay. A little further up the beach Stella Maris Resort has a little beach area, but we stayed north of that.

Famine had started to set in, so we went in search of lunch, first tried Tiny’s Hurricane Hole, no closed. Next drove 20 minutes past our house to go to Kenny’s Seaside, closed.  All of a sudden it dawned us, Tuesday is mailboat day on the north side of the island, hmmm wonder if the smaller lunch places close to get supplies? Did we just learn another new thing?

Back home we headed, where we snacked on munchy food and then lounged around dodging rain showers.


After trying to find a decent airfare to return (yup that wasn’t in the cards today), we had our appetizers and started on tomorrow’s planning, which could all change by the morning.


Dinner was leftovers, but we had dessert. Oh yes I made a modified version of a no bake key lime cheesecake. We skipped the whipped cream and put ginger snap cookies on top.

Admiring sunsets is one lesson we don’t need to be reminded of no matter what day of the week.

Our last lesson of the day, sleep well to be prepared for all the extraordinary moments of the following day.

The view from our bed, yeah we wake up to that view every morning.

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