New Things – Day 7

It’s Boxing Day here in the Bahamas. We missed out on the first new thing we could have experienced today, Junkanoo. We really thought about going, but it would have meant a 4 a.m. wake up to make it to the high school to see it at 5 a.m. Well the truth is, we could have done it, but at 4 a.m. I was snug in bed with extra blankets on, as it was a bit chilly for me (which means it was probably 65-70 degrees, see I adapt well). Our friend, Elizabeth went and her photos and videos looked great. Next Christmas I promise to go.

Up at 6 a.m to watch the sunrise, have coffee and write yesterday’s report.

As I wrote, Mike made breakfast and we enjoyed it down at the beach.

After breakfast we headed North to return to our favorite snorkeling spot on Cape Santa Maria Beach. Sadly the waves were strong and it turned everything up. So after about 5 minutes we gave up. I had a new experience here, the surf tumbled me so much on my exit, I lost my contact. Well if we can’t snorkel we can walk and walk we did.

We drove over the Busted Bridge area to see the start of the new bridge and the new expansive parking area. Last July we were here and walked over the busted bridge to do some amazing snorkeling. For us though there was no way for us to get across to Newton Cay to walk over there today. We hope the bridge is completed by our return trip this summer.

We then continued on our way to head over to Columbus Monument. We had to experience the new road. Oh my we prefer the old road, which would take us 20 minutes to go down and it was an adventure. This new road is like a super highway or a landing strip and it only took us 4 minutes to drive.

The stairs leading up to monument are also new. Mike said it reminded him of walking up Mayan pyramids. We prefer the old path. There was also a parking area. This new was not setting very well with us. Here is our original trip report of our first visit to the monument in April 2017.

we first went over the little cove before going up.

Once up the views were still stunning as ever.

At this time we were hungry but went till we hit a new spot for us to lunch at in Deadman’s Cay. But before we could lunch, we had to stop at the roadside stall to pick up items for our donors for men’s health.

hmmmm will anyone get a goat skin?

Back to our lunch finding spot. We have noticed a little gazebo in the flats, from the highway every time we drive through here. We finally stopped and had our packed lunch. Mike remembered when we were at Cape Santa Maria he forgot to pack a fork. I didn’t panic because I knew plastic pollution would provide us with one. Yes, it happened, I found a fork at Cape Santa Maria beach that we used for lunching.

Our next stop was the church Boxing Day event. Our first Christmas visit, three years ago, we couldn’t find where it was held, silly tourists. Last year we found it but arrived just at it started and there wasn’t much going on, such on time people we are. This year, we came later, smart move finally figuring it out. We had conch fritters, played the ring toss and coin toss game, a new thing for us and picked up more straw work.

As we drove back to the house, Mike informed me he was going to go check out the cave. I decided it was wise to let him explore first and let me know if it was safe for me to go in and not have a total freakout. He WhatsApp me a video and a photo and when he returned back, gushed about how amazing it was. This was a new to us cave on the island and I am really looking forward to exploring it before we leave.

We had such a busy day with old and new experiences we were to tired to drive to a sunset viewing spot. Mike made a fabulous dinner of quesadillas. We enjoyed them tremendously and are calling it a night. Even though we keep returning to Long Island, we always find something new to try, to see and to experience.

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