Do As I Say, Not As I Do – Day 8

I teach digital citizenship to my students and am constantly saying to them, do not friend people you do not know in person and certainly do not meet them. I preach it but I don’t practice it. I have a few like minded female friends I’ve met over on the ‘gram or through hiking/island groups on FB. These are some of the best people, especially when we get to hang out in person. Today we hung with Elizabeth and her family on a boat, on a remote island, sure kids don’t do that because you might end up having new friends and having a wonderful time.

The sun rose, we had our sunrise view, had breakfast and packed our gear.

While we packed a double rainbow appeared, so off we scurried to capture the beauty of it.

Our boat tour was scheduled to leave at 10 a.m. from It’s Under the Sun in Mangrove Bush with our Captain Francis Darville. Due to weather conditions with winds and rain our tour had to be limited to the mangroves, pig beach and a sandbar. For me anywhere we went was great, I was on the water and Mike was a good sport coming along (he gets motion sick). We did see a lemon shark and some turtles but water visibility was poor.

So happy we took a chance and cultivated a friendship with Elizabeth and her husband. She arranged for this boat trip and was great to talk story with. We look forward to seeing them again and hopefully before our plane ride back!

We came home and were exhausted. Dinner was supposed to be pizza but the work required to finish making it was to much, so dinner was leftovers and we called it an early night.

I’m not the best role model for my students in terms of practicing safe digital citizenship, but hey I’m an adult and kids do as I say, not do!

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