Above and Below Day 9

Today began with the usual watching of the radar for where showers were and to try to figure out if more were coming, which really adjusts are plans for the day.

We enjoyed the views with coffee and breakfast as we figured the day out, it only means what do we want to do till lunch time and then we figure out the next adventure during lunch.

I wanted a beach walk on firm soil and lunch at Max’s Conch Bar. We decided to go to Fords and walk south as far as we could. We packed up our gear and off we went, of course experiencing a few Long Island traffic jams along the way.

Middle Goat was hurt so his friends were sticking close by him.

Once at Ford’s we began our trek. I secretly think Mike wanted to try to walk all the way to Gordon’s, it didn’t happen. We walked on the rocks and sand, collecting shells along the way, admiring all the different sponges and even decorating a little pine for the fun of it.

After our 3+ mile walk we went to Max’s for lunch, conch burger with peas and rice and grouper fingers with plantains, with a conch salad to go.

We explored a new area of Fords above ground so of course we had to go explore below ground in a cave. Please don’t ask for location of the cave, as it is on private property and we did enter with the landowners permission. I decided that I was ending my 2019 by being brave and going into that cave and seeing it was very brave of me indeed.

After our exploring above and below, were exhausted and headed down to the gazebo for cocktail hour.

After relaxation it was pizza making time. It was delicious and we have enough leftover for beach lunches!

Today was a great day to be both above and below ground alive!

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