Hammer Time, No I Mean Hammock Time – Day 10

Up with the sun again, well before the sun actually.

When the sun finally rose, it was time to enjoy my coffee while lounging in the hammock.

After some self talk to motivate myself, I returned to the house to make our Sunday ritual of pancakes. While eating, Mike was tasked with finding our morning beach walk.

The plan was to go to the far end of “Shipwreck” beach and walk. We drove south only to discover the road we needed to take had a chain across it with a lock on it, no way we could get around that. We returned the highway and entered the road that led out to “Shipwreck” beach. This was our second time visiting this beach.

We went South for a few paces, but quickly reversed ourselves and headed North on the beach. It appeared the slope of the sand wasn’t as steep this way. Good thing we did change directions. Mike was awarded a MAJOR award, it was Fra’gileeee.

Plastics are a problem….

While walking, lots of mini urchins dotted the seaweed line and lots of eensy limpets decorated the sand.

Part of the beach has a huge expanse and we did spy a lovely beach home sitting atop the bluff.

After our tiring walk, it was time to return back to the rental and retire to the hammocks for the afternoon. We lunched, we read, we napped and I even did another beach walk.

That ends our day, we came up for showers, dinner and working on the blog with leftovers for dinner, nothing else to see here folks!

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