A Near Perfect Day – Day 11

An amazing sunrise started the day.

Breakfast was to be had outside on the deck with just enough breeze to keep the no seeums away.

We had to do a little gift drop off to the owner of C Shells Guest Quarters in Salt Pond where we stayed last July and plan to return this summer. We continued on to Chez Pierre to gather our friends that are staying there, for a day of snorkeling together.

Before snorkeling though we had plans to drop off books at the house of the creator of the C.R.A.B. (Caught Reading A Book) program. This program encourages adults to volunteer and read with children in the four elementary schools on the island. It helps to foster a love of reading and build community. As we travel here when school is out of session, the next best thing I can do is bring books down. Whenever I can, I have authors/illustrators sign the books. My friend, Elizabeth, heard I was doing this and offered to bring down books too. We were to deliver together, but her car was having tire issues and wouldn’t make the drive on Stella Maris Roads, so Mike and I dropped them off and meet our friends at the gas station.

Our journey continued on to the snorkel spot. If you didn’t know where the bush path was you would miss it. We knew our friends are returning to the island and would want to experience this spot again and again. Mike and I were secretly hoping Mother Nature had settled the water so we would have good visibility, she kindly complied. As we emerged onto the beach our yacht was waiting for us after our snorkel, NOT.

The snorkeling was excellent, clear and lots of fish. We did have a barracuda or two keep guard over us. We snorkeled two spots, here close to shore and then walked south to the reef by the house with the cannons. Mike and Dan went further out and explored more at this second spot.

We packed our gear up after several hours and the beach all of sudden became populated, too populated for our tastes (this is a joke).

We would have to share the snorkel spot with them and we just couldn’t, so we left, ha ha ha.

We parted ways here, till we fly part way home together this week. We had a little over an hour drive back. On our return we stopped at Judee’s Blissful Creations. We picked up a few items for our donors. The best part Judee offered to teach me how to plait this summer when we come back. It is one of my goals in retirement is to learn how to do this, guess I’m starting early.

Our next stop was at Ena Major’s spot for more goodies. Ena wasn’t in the shop, but I checked to make sure she was ok. Ena is 85 years old and a treasure. I could only hope to age with grace like she is. We learned Ena had just stepped out for a few minutes, phew. We picked up a few more items.

We finally made it back to the rental and collapsed we were so exhausted. We had hoped to make it to a sunset spot, but the effort to put in driving anywhere was to much for us. We did have amazing sunset color on our side of the island, which is sunrise side.

Why was it a near perfect day and not a perfect day? Because no day is ever 100% perfect, but this is as close as it gets and really I will take that because it is a blessing.

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  1. Hi! I’m a friend of Elizabeth and have been following her trip and I saw your pictures. We are actually looking for an underwater camera for an upcoming trip to Hawaii and your pictures are amazing!! What camera do you use?


    1. Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. We use an Olympus Tough TG5. We are very happy with it and it takes a beating. Where in Hawaii are going? My blog contains our trip reports from time spent on Oahu and Kauai. If you are hitting either of those islands, let me know and I can give you some insight.

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