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Month: August 2013

Day 27 – Falls, Food, Flying = Fabulous

We thought an easy waterfall hike was in order today.  We heard about Hamama Falls in the Kaneohe area.  Once again another hike that starts off in a residential section. […]

Day 25 – I’m on island time

Once again today’s post is delayed.  I’m tired and my brain can’t think.  I will write the blog about today, tomorrow, or for some of you on east coast time….I’ll […]

Day 24 – His, Mine and Ours

That was the kind of day it was…His morning, my morning and then our afternoon and evening. Mike went for a hike, I stayed home due to a knee injury […]

Day 23 – Exploration

As I sat today watching the blue ocean roll by I was struck by the thought it is in quiet exploration we find the simple delights  that mean so much. […]

Day 22 – Post is delayed

Due to a night of sipping homemade limoncello, tonight’s post is not being written until Monday a.m., Should be posted around 1-2 p.m. est.

Day 21 – The Unexpected

Today we traveled down a road we haven’t ventured on before, we ate at the luau, where I thought I ate an eyeball and I spent the afternoon making Mike […]

Day 20 – Time Out

Sometimes in life your body tells you to take a time out from busy.  OK for me, the body tells me on a quarterly schedule.  Today was that day.  We […]