Month: August 2011

Day 34 – The final full day ends

It was bittersweet to wake up today, knowing it was our last full day on Kauai, but we are ready to start the journey home. As usual we started the day with Kauai Coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit.  After our nourishment, we needed exercise and off we went to walk Hanalei Bay.  From…


Day 33 – Connected to the Ocean

I wish I could start every morning of our life like we did today.  Wake up, savor a fine cup of coffee, eat fresh fruit, locally grown and then take an hour and half stroll on the beach. We entered at Cannons Beach and strolled almost to Ke’e Beach.  What a morning to walk, sun…

Day 32 – Pacific Beauty

As our days become less and less, we realize we need to spend time at the ocean.  The Atlantic ocean or rather long island sound doesn’t soothe the soul, like the wide expanse of the Pacific Blue. We first ran to the post office to get packages out-of-the-way, then we drove to Cannons to catch…

Day 29 Fish and Fire

It was a lazy day today, what else can I say? The highlights: we snorkeled in the morning sun, went into Hanalei for a few items in the heat of the day, napped late afternoon and watched the glow of the fire at the beach to end our day. That about sums up our day.