Jumping into 2020 – Day 12

Will he or won’t he jump?

Another dry night with a lovely little sunrise to kick off the last day of 2019.

Breakfast of french toast sticks was consumed at the gazebo.

If was off to Dean’s for a morning snorkel, but first Mike was going to do the jump into the Blue Hole. Nothing like finishing 2019 with jumping into 2020.

And then…

After surviving the jump we snorkeled for a while.

After that adventure we returned south and lunched at Fords.

After lunch we returned back to the house to the mundane and sad task of packing and cleaning. We cleaned our shells and left a few behind.

The afternoon drifted away and before we knew it, the appointed hour of sunset viewing was upon us. We headed to Galloway, where last year we ended 2018 at sunset.

So here is to goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020. Be brave like Mike and jump into 2020 with both feet and a bit of bravery.

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