West Mountain Trails Simsbury, CT Hike

Early birds on the trail this morning, or maybe I should say early food source for the mosquitoes? Our feet hit the trail around 7:30 a.m. and no cars were in the lot.

Our trail begin at the Westledge Road trailhead. We decided to follow the red trail first and go up the ridge.

At the powerline crossing we had our first hazy view out.

Crossing the powerlines

We continued up till we hit the ridgeline with more hazy views.

We tucked into the woods for a bit before the next window to views emerged.

We came off the ridge and met the white trail. We used the white trail as the connector to the blue trail.

Once on the blue trail, I took a minute to remember a friend’s daughter who passed away. Today people were asked to walk/run 2.4 miles to remember her (It was her college jersey number 24).

We followed the blue till it rejoined the red and returned to the parking lot that was now full of cars. This time we remembered to bring the coffee to enjoy on the car ride home.

It was a great 4 mile trail, minus being food for the mosquitos that were non stop chowing on us. Glad we hit the trail early to avoid the crowds of people that hike later in the day. Here is the link to the trail West Mountain Trails belonging to the Simsbury Land Trust. https://simsburylandtrust.org/slt/west-mountain-trails/

Here are our stats.

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