Month: September 2012

Mt. Willard – Sept. 22, 2012 An Ending to Remember

We had decided on a small hike.  Mike was recovering from dental surgery and we needed something simple.   We thought a return visit to Mt. Willard would be the best fit.  We had first hiked Mt. Willard in May of 2011, where we slid on the monorail up to the viewpoint and glided back…


Section 7 of the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail-So Many Titles Come to Mind (Sept. 1, 2012)

Well this post could be titled a few ways: 1. I never got my hiking legs 2. Hiking and Humidity are not the perfect couple 3. So many ups and downs 4.  Poor planning on our part 5.  I should have read Section Hiker’s report on this first You get it don’t you? This wasn’t…