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Category: Kauai

Day 16- From Missiles to Peace

Mike and I had a date with the military this afternoon.  In early June we found out we could apply for guest passes to Majors Bay Beach at the Pacific […]

Day 15 – The Views

Really all we did was go for the views today.  I started with viewing my ricotta pancakes with fresh bananas and lilikoi syrup. We hit the road, with the first […]

Day 14 – A Pilgrimage to Aloha

Today we made a trek to the Lawai International Center. This centers sits in the valley of healing, on an ancient heiau in the configuration of a honu.  There are […]

Day 12 – Celebrating!

Today we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Where is the best place for us to start the celebration? O the Kalalau Trail, of course. We hit the trail at 6:40 […]

Day 11 – Catching Glimpses

I felt like today we saw small pieces of our future and flashbacks to old traditions of Hawaii. Our day started with a quick cup of coffee and some fruit […]

Day 9 – The Package

Today we received shipment of a very special package, our nephew flew in to spend some time with us!  However before his afternoon arrival, we decided to get a hike […]

Day 8 Local Knowledge

Once again we had a plan, but once again mother nature decided she didn’t like our original plan. The plan was get up early and hike the first two miles […]

Day 6 – To the Other Side We Go

Today was our move day to the other sound of the island to our friend’s home on the North Shore.  Time to spend a month here house sitting.  We are […]

Day 5 – Observers

Today we watched, we observed.  We tried hard to be the hidden haoles just watching surfers, fisherman, tourists and locals.  We made the plan over french toast sweet bread topped […]

Day 4 – Plan B

What’s that adage, “best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”? Yup that was our motto today.  We made plans but it all changed.  Did we get upset, […]

Day 3 – Finding our Rhythm

We found our rhythm of the pace we wish to proceed at today, slow and accepting, but with a jammin’ jive.   Morning wake up call by the birds occurred […]

Day 2 – Settling In

We awoke to the bird orchestra on our first morning.  We often remark how much we miss these bird sounds living in our urban neighborhood.  Even hearing the chickens doesn’t […]

Traveling Along on Day 1

Monday started at 3:45 a.m., slugging down ghastly hotel coffee before our 4:30 a.m. check in with United. We booked our tickets way in advance and somehow stumbled upon decently […]

Missing Kauai – Okolehao Trail

It’s a cold dreary April day here in Connecticut.  I find myself longing for the beauty and warmth of Kauai.  In order to cheer myself up, I thought I would […]