Day 20 – Welcome “Home” Gifts

Well, as you know, we did pop over to Maui on Thursday night and had planned to stay until Monday.  Maui just didn’t feel right and I think at our age, we’ve learned, if we are not happy, change the situation. So we did.  I really think Maui was telling us to go from the moment we landed at the rental house.  We didn’t sleep the two nights we were there. WHY? Dogs, lots of them howling and barking at all hours and they loved the hours of midnight through 4 a.m.  On our second night there, I ended up with an upset stomach and I took it as a sign that we made the right decision to leave.

We did manage to make some coffee and I had three bites of a croissant, all I could take, before we headed to the airport.


We had a direct flight to Lihue, landed early, and were able to swing by the Farmer’s Market at the community college to restock up on fruit.  As soon as we picked up our car, our shoulders relaxed and we had our smiles back and going to the farmers market brought our world back in order.

The next stop was Costco.  As we walked into Costco, I joking said to Mike “I wonder if they have cans of Maui Brewing Mango, Hefeweizen?”  I had it fresh last night at Maui Brewing Company and it was excellent.  His reply was, “I don’t think they canned that one.”  We went in, heading towards the back. I stopped to look at something and came around the beer corner, seeing Mike with a smirk on his face. Sweet Lord, cases and cases of that beer.  Kauai Island was welcoming us back, providing us with a great welcome “home” gift.


We also picked up pineapple, can’t beat the price. I can live with eating Maui pineapples, just can’t live in Maui.

After Costco we made our way back.  I love the drive past Hanalei Bay and snapped a few photos.

Our final stop before reaching the house was SushiGirl Kauai.  They are starting to recognize Mike and I as regulars.  Well we do have to get our fill while we can.

After we ate lunch at the house, I desperately needed a nap, so down for naptime I went.  We did stop at Foodland on our way back to pick up some fried chicken for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, part of our tradition while here, two meals of fried chicken.

During dinner our friend popped over telling us the neighbor behind us had fresh caught ono for sale.  Off Mike went to receive our second welcome home gift of the day.


After dinner and clean up it was time for sunset views.  We missed sunset the last two nights, so we were jonesing for one.

At the farmer’s market we picked up the nicest dragon fruit for dessert.  Once again thank you Kauai for giving us this welcome home gift.



I really think you don’t pick the island, it picks you.  With the welcome home gifts that were bestowed on us, I think Kauai picked us.


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