Day 19 – Homesick

We came to Maui to see good friends. Our Ct. friends, moved to Texas three years ago and we haven’t seen them since. They came to Maui to visit family, so we decided to jump over and see them, plus to see if we like it here. Close friends have told us, they don’t see us as Maui people, the postmaster in Waimea told us, we wouldn’t care for Maui, but we had to find out for ourselves

We were meeting our friends for a late lunch and then go to Maui Brewing for beer. We had the morning to be tourists. At Colleen’s at the Cannery in Haiku,we made the plan to drive the west side of the island, do the loop drive.


Ummm there was 10 miles of one lane cliff driving, not a fan.Views were beautiful, when I could get past the fear to look up.

Somewhere along the route, we started mentioning how we didn’t feel the aloha, cars went so fast  and there were strip malls all over. I uttered the words “can we go home to Kauai on Saturday, instead of Monday?” Mike broke out in the biggest grin and said “thank you, I was thinking that too.”  Maui doesn’t feel like us, Kauai is us.

We stopped at Jaws to grab lunch, returned to the rental unit to change flights. By the time we finished that, it was time to see our friends. I was terribly homesick to see them, Connecticut isn’t the same with them gone, so spending a few hours with them was the best part of Maui.


Maui is lovely, but Kauai has our heart.

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