June 30 – Food

Pretty much that was the theme – Food.

First though, Bubbles and Desperado greeted us as we went down to workout. Actually Bubbles dropped in from the half wall between the units, startling me. Bubbles has not lost her dramatic flair.

The posse didn’t escort us down for a workout today.

Can’t beat the workout view or the dip in the water after a workout.

Coffee with a view returned vacation edition. Outdoor seating has shifted from last year, trying to find just the right spot for morning photos. I’ll keep at it.

We spent much of the morning, shopping at three grocery stores. Boat came in last night with provisions so we were able to stock up on lots of goodness. Even picked up some frozen hogfish from local fishermen.

On our way back to the apartement, dilly lady had to two trays of dillies out. I left some money and took a tray. She was nowhere to be found, I hope I left enough.

Once all the unloading of groceries finished, it was lunch time. We had our island grilled cheese sandwiches at the gazebo, hung out, went for a quick swim.

As usual the heat and sun drives us in around 2 p.m. We spent time napping, snack prepping for tomorrow’s adventures (unknown yet) and making dinner. Even made dessert using a few ripe dillies, gingernut cookies and a piece of dark chocolate.

Dinner and sunset finished off the day. See, it is always about the food with us.

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