July 1 –

Wake up, give Bubbles her morning scratches, workout and then coffee with a view.

After breakfast the plan was to pack up and go float at Galloway.

Every damn time, my breath is taken away at the beauty of this spot.

After we walked around a bit, Mike had to go get our food out of the car, I called it Ubereats Island style.

We hung out for a while, floated down the cut and did another sandbar beach walk.

I faded fast after all the sun, so we packed up and headed to the apartment. We decided to stop at St. Peters and St. Pauls Catholic Church to see if we climb the tower, sadly the doors were locked today.

The afternoon consisted of baking breakfast bars and Mike made fish stew for dinner. He also created a dessert to die for. He is now and forever in charge of dessert creations on vacations.

We sat in a different spot for sunset viewing tonight.

Another lovely day.

And for those of you have read these over the years, thank you from the bottom of my heart. However these blog posts at the moment have become a chore, so this is the last post I will perhaps make on a daily basis.

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