Travel Day – June 29

Up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. flight. At checkout counter by 4:30, lines were insane. If we didn’t have upgrades, I might have had a heart attack induced by anxiety that we would never great through the lines.

First flight left on time, mid air we get a notification our next flight is delayed by an hour. Our connection was tight to begin with, but this was pushing the limits.

Flying into Nassau

Landed in Nassau, breezed through customs/immigration then it started to fall apart. We had 25 minutes to spare to check in on Southern Air. We waited and waited for the bags to come shooting down the carousel, my anxiety hitting a new peak level

Five minutes left, I ran over to the ticket counter and explained we are here, but we are waiting for our bags to unload. Agent told us to file a claim to have AA bring the bags to their counter and they would get put on the next flight in the morning. I text yelled to Mike the plan and told him to get back, she was closing checkout.

Lucky for us, two young girls had four bottles of booze they wanted to carry on, nope had to but it in luggage. The task of them doing that, then undoing it and redoing it, sucked up time. Mike made it back, then received a notification our bags were unloaded. Pleaded with agent and she gave Mike 10 minutes to run over, get bags and bring them over. He was over 10 minutes, but we have bags. Once again, we were told the bags would go on the morning flight.

However the agent took pity on us and our bags made the flight. Who cared about the clothes, it was the seven pounds of coffee that someone needed (and I’m not that someone).

7 lbs of coffee

We landed on Long Island with our bags.

We went straight to the apartment, unloaded a few things, then headed out for groceries. On our return from shopping, we ran into our friends Elizabeth and Dan.

Once at the apartment, we unpacked, made dinner, and watched the sunset. It was a long stressful day, but we made it with 7lbs of coffee.

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  1. It was SO fun to see you and Mike drive up yesterday. I can’t wait to have a Calabash Bay snorkel reunion on Saturday!

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